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Quincy Recycle provides the opportunity for your business to reduce or even eliminate the amount of waste you produce. > click here to learn how.

International Plastic Sales

Our brokerage business was created in 1978, & has established outlets for recycled paper, plastic and metals throughout the United States, China and India > click here to learn more.

Testimonials for Quincy Recycle

"Quincy Recycle allows us to meet our Kraft Sustainability Goals. They provide solutions of diverting waste from landfills and generate revenue of recycled materials." -- Tamara B., Kraft Foods > click here to learn more.

  • Business to Business

    Reduce or even eliminate the amount of waste you produce...
  • International Sales

    We sell recycled paper, plastic and metals throughout the United States, China and India.
  • Testimonials

    Our customers are our best advertising -- read what they have to say about us.

Bottom Line iMpact

Do you know your potential waste savings and recycling revenue? Waste haulers usually won’t tell you -- their revenue comes from filling landfills.

Industry studies show that anywhere from 15% to 50% of waste stream can be turned into recycling revenue.

Contact Quincy Recycle and we’ll perform an on-site waste audit to determine your potential savings and profits. Click here for more info.

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Your Sustainability Partner

Quincy Recycle provides business to business recycling and waste reduction solutions at our three Illinois and one Indiana locations.

Whether your priority is zero impact sustainability or simply a profitable bottom line, Quincy Recycle can help you achieve your goals.

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