Quincy Recycle’s Equipment

At Quincy Recycle we have a wide range of baler compactors for sale, lease or rent. A baler is a piece of equipment used to compress solid industrial waste or recyclable materials such as paper, plastic, foam, and cans, to achieve better material handling and storage. We currently offer IN STOCK vertical balers, and low…

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Baling Wire

Large spool of dark box wire in front of three cardboard boxes.

Today we’re going to tell you about the unsung hero of the recycling process, truly the thing that ties it all together; baling wire. While baling wire may be an industry standard in the recycling process today, it’s only been a critical component in the waste removal process since the 19th century. Before becoming an…

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Service Spotlight: Quincy Recycle’s Brokerage Division

Quincy Recycle's Collection and Logistics

Here at Quincy Recycle, we place a high importance in fostering long-lasting relationships with our partners. We focus on providing reliable, consistent services for our customers because it’s an integral part of building success for their business. Read on to learn how we’ve applied this approach within our brokerage division. How can Quincy Recycle’s brokerage…

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Service Highlight: Collections and Logistics

Transparent map of the US on top of a tractor trailer driving on a highway.

At Quincy Recycle, we strive to be a one-stop-shop solution to our customers and vendors. Our Collections and Logistics services help us achieve that goal and ensures we are providing the best service levels to our partners throughout each step of the recycling process.

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Food Manufacturer Case Study

Food Manufacturer Recycling Case Study

A Fortune 100 food manufacturer approached Quincy Recycle for solutions to their waste stream problems. The company has asked to remain anonymous and we are respecting their request.

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Don’t Ship Air and Other Trailer Loading Tips

Semi trailer loading tips sign between two well-organized trailers full of recycled material.

Freight costs are a large part of the cost of industrial recycling. Keep your freight costs under control by organizing your loads so you’re not “shipping air”. One key to a profitable recycling solution is to maximize your cost-per-ton on trailer loads.

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Rail Transport Capabilities

Rail Access for Mills

We work closely with our vendors and customers to meet their material transportation preferences. For most, it’s tractor trailers all the way. Others, especially paper mills, prefer rail, and our New Haven and St. Louis plants accommodate them. New Haven, in metro Fort Wayne on the Indiana-Ohio border, has a rail dock for rapid loading…

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Inbound Process

Several transport trailers parked at loading docks outside of a recycling facility.

As a manufacturer, you may wonder how Quincy Recycle processes inbound loads. It’s a straight-forward process involving communication, standard operating procedures, and work. Inbound loads are weighed upon arrival… Our Account & Logistics Coordinators (ALCs) work with our drivers and sustainability consultants to make sure the load is properly weighed and accounted for. Our experienced…

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Clear Communications

Exterior view of a Quincy Recycle facility with various signage to help direct drivers arriving to the facility.

Clear Communications Truck drivers hauling loads into Quincy Recycle’s plants shouldn’t have to guess where to go or what to do when they get there. Directing them is our responsibility. Quincy Recycle puts great effort into communicating with our freight carriers and their drivers. After all, every minute wasted is money lost by the carrier, us,…

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