Employee Spotlight: Kelsey Hayes

Photo of Kelsey Hayes and her husband at the beach

Kelsey Hayes truly owns her role as our Financial Controller and the respective scope of responsibilities she and her team share in ensuring the accuracy of our financial data and the integrity of our processes and transactions.  She has a thirst for knowledge and understanding in all aspects of our business, and she is committed…

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Employee Spotlight: Kyle Howell

When our leaders embody our Core Values, they help lift up everyone around them. That is certainly the case with Kyle Howell. He is a shining example of putting the values front and center. General Manager Michael Malloy says of Kyle, “He has grown with Quincy Recycle from a shift supervisor to Operations manager because…

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Employee Spotlight: Josh Hall

Influence,  Impact, and Accountability. That’s Josh Hall in a nutshell. Influence because he is persistent in finishing difficult jobs. Impact because he consistently performs at a high level. Accountability because he acknowledges when he doesn’t have the answer, & seeks to find it. When you ask Brian Lansing, GM of Quincy Exact Solutions, you can…

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Employee Spotlight: Nathan Boyer

When it comes to being a team player, others may be as good but no one does it better than Nathan Boyer at Quincy Farm Products. According to Operations Manager Stephen Jones, “Nathan is everything great about QFP, an awesome family man and a really hard worker. He cares about all of our people deeply…

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Employee Spotlight: Hannah Hauk

Hannah Hauk in red dress holding a glass of wine

“Hannah is fearless in reaching out to brand-new customers to foster new relationships,” said Indianapolis GM Michael Malloy. That’s why the Core Value he associates with Hannah is “Be Courageous and Try It”. “Hannah focuses on keeping our plant safe by expediting our tons off the floor. Anytime you challenge her to do more or…

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Employee Spotlight: Michael Beal

picture of Michael Beal in Quincy Recycle office next to One Team, One Dream, One Family core value sign.

This month’s Employee Spotlight features Michael Beal, an operator at our Quincy plant. “Michael embraces our Core Value, One Team, One Dream, One Family, by gladly accepting whatever the day brings him. He is a hard worker and is happy to pivot from one role to another as needs arise at the plant,” says Kyle…

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Employee Spotlight: Abby Shields

Asking Justin Routh, our GM in St. Louis, about Abby Shields quickly turns into a list of positive qualities. She does anything and everything she can to add value. She looks for more ways to help. She takes action without being asked. She speaks up and challenges when needed. She puts the needs of the…

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The Process of a Quincy Recycle Waste Audit

Two men wearing formal wear with protective yellow helmets on heads walking and talking about recycling business.

At Quincy Recycle, we strongly believe that sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand. One of the ways that we help our clients achieve both of these goals is through a comprehensive waste audit. Waste audits help us save our clients money, effectively manage their waste streams, and ultimately protect their bottom line. In…

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Employee Spotlight: Lory Grames

Headshot of Lory Grames

Lory Grames, gives everyone in the facility (and dedicated drivers) her undivided attention. That’s what New Haven GM Michael Malloy says about her. “She listens to her teammates and creates a safe place for all of us. Lory is dedicated to showing up every day excited and ready to service our vendors.” That connection to…

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Employee Spotlight: Ryan Gorham

By all accounts, Ryan Gorham keeps a low profile at Quincy Recycle’s West Bend, WI. location. However, his work output and commitment command attention. As a vital part of the team, he helps set a standard of operation and is critical in productivity and workflow. “Ryan embodies what we look for in a team member…

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