Employee Spotlight: Laurie Gilbert

When it comes to enthusiasm within Quincy Recycle, one name consistently comes up….Laurie Gilbert. It isn’t just the respect that her coworkers have for her, it’s the way she makes everyone around her (and by extension the company) better. Phil Hildebrand was asked about Laurie’s and said, “She is a champion for our businesses and…

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Employee Spotlight: Dane Thorson

When you ask Chad Crawford about Dane Thorson and which core value comes to mind, the answer is quickly “One Team. One Dream. One Family.” Dane has been a leader for Quincy Recycle in the plant since the day he started over six years ago. He’s gone above and beyond the “Plant Supervisor” role by…

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Employee Spotlight: Jill Zayas

Be Courageous and Try it! That’s the core value that comes to mind when John Danker, General Manager of our Alsip plant, thinks about Jill Zayas. “Jill demonstrates this Core Value from the first day she started working here. Her drive to learn and take on more work every day by asking questions to really…

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Employee Spotlight: Nate McNally

Picture of Nate McNally, his wife and two children at the beach.

There is one thing we know we can count on when it comes to Nate McNally. He puts his heart and soul into everything he does. His passion and enthusiasm for the work he does for our company and life, in general, is evident the moment you meet him. So, speaking of the moment you…

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Employee Spotlight: Michael Malloy

Malloy Family at the beach

If we had to narrow down what makes Michael Malloy a great leader to one thing, it’s that he is always putting others first. For example, he politely declined when we approached him about being featured in this month’s employee spotlight. Michael then listed six other colleagues that he felt were more deserving. His commitment…

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Employee Spotlight: Stephen Jones

Headshot of Stephen Jones

Spend more than an hour with Stephen Jones and you are going to be tired. Not because he’s draining – quite the opposite. It’s because you feel compelled to keep up with his energy and enthusiasm. Stephen Jones, the Operations Manager at Quincy Farm Products, is one of the people you can point to and…

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Employee Spotlight: Carol O’Connell

Passionate. That’s just one of the terms people use to describe Carol O’Connell. Her enthusiasm for Quincy Recycle is infectious. She helps ensure that the company culture is not only communicated to people internally, but is a big part of how that culture translates to customer service and our interactions with our vendors. When did…

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Working with Quincy Recycle

If you are in business, you know that you can’t do it alone. Even when you are starting out as the single staff person, you probably partnered with a lawyer, an accountant, and others to help your business succeed. The more you succeed, the more people you need as you start to build your team…

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Employee Spotlight: Holly Smith

holly smith

Customer Focused, that’s a phrase that often comes up when talking to and about Holly Smith. Through her roles as a Customer Service Representative and now a Financial Accountant, Holly has helped strengthen relationships with countless vendors. Her enthusiasm for Quincy Recycle is infectious and we are thrilled to have her on our team. When…

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Employee Spotlight: Eduardo “Lalo” Amasende

If you’re wondering how Eduardo Amasende becomes “Lalo”, you may need to brush up on your etymology. Eduardo means “wealthy guard” while Lalo means “rich guardian”. If you spend any time around his colleagues you’ll quickly learn that their respect for Eduardo is immense. Lalo is a key part of the Alsip team and has…

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