Employee Spotlight: Lucie Spohr

“I want to go out there.” Little did Lucie Spohr know the changes those 6 words would bring. Who would have thought 5 years ago that she would find her home out on the floor of a recycling plant? Not her. But Lucie’s ambition is unstoppable when paired with the support of her Quincy Recycle…

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Create Innovative Solutions

If there’s one word we love, it’s innovation. That’s what we were founded on, after all; finding new and better ways to improve waste management systems. That’s why for us, Create Innovative Solutions is a key component to our Core Values. This is all to say we encourage our employees to be creative and dream…

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Act With Integrity

“Integrity is the essence of everything successful.”- R. Buckminster Fuller Not to take the words right out of Mr. Fuller’s mouth, but we wholeheartedly agree. That’s why integrity is so important to Quincy Recycle, and why we made sure to incorporate it into our Core Values. What we do here doesn’t matter, if we don’t…

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Be Courageous and Try It

Another Core Value we, as a company, live by is the idea that one should always Be Courageous and Try It. Fear of failure is understandable, but it also inhibits innovative change and personal growth. And we don’t stand for that. We combat this by acknowledging that there is courage just in trying; by that…

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Happy Earth Day From Quincy Recycle!

Green grass in the forest with a reflective earth globe on the ground.

Here at Quincy Recycle, Earth Day and what it stands for is kind of a big deal. After all, our business is built around finding solutions to help our clients and communities reduce waste and achieve sustainability. Read on to learn more about one of our favorite holidays and how we try to treat every…

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Team Spotlight: Opportunity, Ownership, & Optical Sorting in Quincy, IL

Quincy, Illinois – home to beautiful riverboat views of the Mississippi River, the Adams County Courthouse, and Quincy Recycle’s very first plant (yes, it’s how we got our name). Since this plant first opened in 1974, Quincy Recycle’s services and nationwide reach have expanded considerably. But the success and positive impact produced by the Quincy,…

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Employee Spotlight: Joe Genenbacher

Quincy Recycle Logo

At Quincy Recycle, we focus on creating an engaging, positive culture where each and every employee is dedicated to the goals and mission that lead to the continued success of our company. Part of our culture includes showing appreciation and recognizing our amazing employees for the impactful work they bring to our organization. Today we’re…

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Service Spotlight: Quincy Recycle’s Brokerage Division

Quincy Recycle's Collection and Logistics

Here at Quincy Recycle, we place a high importance in fostering long-lasting relationships with our partners. We focus on providing reliable, consistent services for our customers because it’s an integral part of building success for their business. Read on to learn how we’ve applied this approach within our brokerage division. How can Quincy Recycle’s brokerage…

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New Quincy Recycling Facility Coming to Green Bay, WI

green bay wisconsin city skyline at night

Here at Quincy Recycle, we pride ourselves on providing recycling and waste management solutions across the United States. We own and operate plants strategically located in the Midwest to help us efficiently process and move materials. These plant locations are critical to us being able to continue to provide the top-notch service our customers have…

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