Secure Unboxing, Shredding, & Recycling for Print Materials

Stacked Magazines and Shredded Paper

Boxes of unused or confidential print materials don’t only take up space; they’re also a liability. So what do you do with paper and print materials that can’t be thrown away? When it comes to disposing of your print materials, security is a priority. Quincy Recycle can safely and securely shred your bulk print materials…

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Major Upgrade to Chicago-area Plant

Large brown building with shipping and receiving docks at Quincy Recycle location in Chicago, IL

We’re hearing freight drivers are extremely happy with the improvements to our Chicago-area plant. Why? Easier and quicker scaling and unloading due to a major upgrade to our Alsip, IL facility. The two key factors: A new drive-on, drive-off scale A vastly larger staging and unloading area Where previously drivers had to back off after…

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Leave Deboxing & Shredding to Us

Deboxing & Shredding

Do you have thousands of pounds of unsold or obsolete books or other printed material that you need deboxed, shredded, and recycled? Give us a call. We work with publishers and professional testing services to affordably and securely debox trailer loads of books and test booklets. For many of our publishing partners, the key is…

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The Overflowing Warehouse Problem

Overflowing Warehouse

It started with a simple request: “I need help.” A large plant in the St. Louis metro area had a concern. The printed paper used in the production of the company’s signature products comes into the plant on heavy rolls of various sizes… and their warehouse was overflowing with them. What the company discovered was that…

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