One Year Accident Free in St. Louis

Safety jacket, shoes, glasses, and hardhat.

Last spring our St. Louis-area plant become fully operational. Now it’s managed to pull off an impressive feat – going one full year accident free! How’d this happen? “Safety is a culture. It’s not a fad, it’s part of what we do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis,” said Chad Hoener, General Manager of Quincy Recycle’s…

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Alsip Now Two Years Accident Free

Alsip Recycling Plant 2 Years Accident Free

The recycling industry is dangerous. There are hazards everywhere – tractor-trailers coming and going, forklifts darting about with containers and baled materials, stacked bales, compactors, “guillotine” roll cutters, and a host of other dangers. Which makes our Alsip plant’s announcement even more amazing – this week the Chicago-area facility reached TWO YEARS without an OSHA-reportable…

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365 Days of Safety in New Haven

Safety in New Haven

Quincy Recycle’s New Haven, Indiana plant recently reached a significant milestone: 365 days accident free. There are major advantages to going a full year without an accident, the most obvious being “we want everyone to go home alive,” as Safety Manager Joe Genenbacher points out. Given the complex environment of a modern material recovery facility…

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365 Days Accident-Free

Several Quincy recycle workers celebrate safety wearing yellow safety clothing in Alsip, IL.

Quincy Recycle’s Alsip, IL plant hit an impressive milestone in April – 365 days without an accident! Why is that important to our vendors and customers? Two main reasons: fewer accidents means lower costs a safe environment is more efficient, reducing freight & handling costs “Our customers and vendors benefit,” Jon DeBoer, Operations Manager of…

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