Closed-Loop Recycling

Sustainable Waste Reduction

Closed-loop recycling is one of the most sustainable solutions for waste and recycling management. It eliminates the need for waste disposal and focuses on continuously reusing valuable resources within the economy.

At Quincy recycle, our goal is to transition waste streams from a linear disposal system to a circular one, whenever possible. In a linear disposal system, materials are extracted, supplied to manufacturers, produced, consumed, and then disposed of in landfills. Products and materials are only used once and then thrown away, and no part of the waste byproduct is recycled or reused.

A closed-loop recycling system produces no waste. Materials are collected, recycled, and reused to produce new products. Since the materials involved in closed-loop recycling don’t lose their properties, they can be manufactured into the same product they came from. For example, aluminum cans are recycled to create new aluminum cans. No materials are wasted, and products go through an infinite cycle of being used, recycled, and reused.

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Benefits of Closed-Loop Recycling

Transitioning to a closed-loop recycling system benefits your business, the economy, and the environment. By choosing to recycle, your business will produce less waste and reduce disposal costs. Recycling also has the potential to generate new revenue streams, so you could be spending less and earning more. Reusing materials to create new products keeps them within the economy and usually makes production more cost-effective than using raw materials.

Some products can take hundreds of years to decompose. Closed-loop recycling allows certain materials to be recycled instead, saving space in landfills for non-recyclable material. Natural resources are preserved by eliminating the need to extract new, raw materials, and less extraction means more wildlife preservation. Closed-loop recycling is a great option for becoming more sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Measure Your Waste Stream

At Quincy Recycle, our first step in waste reduction services is a waste stream audit. Our team analyzes your business’ waste and identifies the items that can be recycled and reused. For closed-loop recycling, this could include glass, aluminum, plastic, and more. For other recycling efforts, like open-loop recycling, materials may include fiber, Gaylord totes, paper, or food by-product.

We'll also help identify and recommend equipment that can help you process your waste in-house. We'll help you define your organizational goals and provide actionable recommendations that will reduce your cost and divert materials from landfills.

Mobilize Your Plan

Once the audit is complete, our team will deliver a proposal that outlines specific steps you can take to reduce your waste and manufacturing costs. We work with your team to implement new processes and provide ongoing reporting and consulting to ensure that these processes are effective.

Maximize Your Results

Ongoing measurement and reporting of your waste stream is essential to making sure that tangible improvements are being made within your business. Our evaluations provide our team and yours with a complete view of your waste stream operations, allowing us to maximize profits and increase overall sustainability.

Quincy Recycle and You

As a full-service recycling company, Quincy Recycle evaluates your current waste disposal system by performing a waste audit. Detailed zero-waste audits outline areas for opportunity and determine which materials are best suited for closed-loop recycling. We’ll then work together to develop a closed-loop system that meets your goals, maximizes efficiency, and reduces your environmental footprint.

We are fully committed to helping manufacturers solve their waste stream issues. Our extensive network of partners and affiliates provides us with the resources needed to identify closed-loop solutions for a variety of waste materials. Using innovation and experience, our team will help you create a more sustainable waste management process within your organization. Your brand will be recognized as sustainable, and your decision to transition to closed-loop recycling could even establish your business and a model in your industry. Together, we can cut down on wasted resources and create a recycling system that paves the way for environmental responsibility.

Sustainability Solutions

Reduce your carbon footprint and improve your impact on the earth. When you partner with our commercial waste company, we will work with your organization to find sustainable and cost-effective solutions to reduce environmental waste.

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