Commingled Plastic Container Recycling

Do you have baled commingled plastic containers in need of recycling? Quincy Recycle is an expert when it comes to plastic recycling.

We handle hundreds of tons of commingled plastic every month, and we're ready to bring in hundreds of more tons of industry commingle. What do we consider commingle plastic?

  • post-consumer #1 to #7 plastic containers, baled
  • bales may contain tin and aluminum cans
  • limited food residue or other matter allowed

How can municipal and county dual-stream and other waste haulers get the most for their commingled plastic?

  • Don’t contaminate loads with prohibitives
  • Don’t cherry-pick out the more valuable plastics, such as #2 HDPE

Incoming commingle loads are examined as they’re unloaded, and if too contaminated, we’ll take pictures and send them to our suppliers, and either a) offer to pay a reduced price due to specified quality issues, or b) offer the supplier the opportunity to pick the load up and pay for the freight if they believe they can get higher value elsewhere.

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