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Competition and Collaboration

Competition is good. Sometimes, though, collaboration is better.

If you’re in the recycling industry, you’ve no doubt worked with other recyclers. It’s fairly common given shared vendors and specialization in materials.

This process usually begins with a problem – a recycler has a manufacturer or other vendor with materials they’re having difficulty handling. That’s when we get a call.

At Quincy Recycle, we’ve earned a reputation among our peers for “being good with plastic,” as our St. Louis-area plant General Manager Chad Hoener said.

“We actively look for hard-to-move plastics other recyclers are having difficulty with,” Chad said. “Over the years we’ve developed the expertise and network to market these materials.”

“We say ‘yes’ whenever we can,” New Haven, Indiana GM Michael Malloy points out. “We want to make the “hard” loads easy.”

So… what types of “difficult” materials do we often collaborate on with our recycling peers?

  • Poly Kraft bags
  • LDPE Film
  • HDPE drums
  • PP super sacks
  • Engineering grades
  • Food waste
  • Commingle and mixed loads

“Beyond our ability to move these materials our peers cite trust and easy-to-understand reporting as reasons to work with us, “ Chicago-area plant GM John Danker says.

Do you have plastics or other material you’ve having difficulty recycling?
Contact us and let’s trying working together on a solution to your problem.

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Happy Earth Day From Quincy Recycle!

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