Create Innovative Solutions

If there’s one word we love, it’s innovation. That’s what we were founded on, after all; finding new and better ways to improve waste management systems. That’s why for us, Create Innovative Solutions is a key component to our Core Values. This is all to say we encourage our employees to be creative and dream big, achieve bigger.

It also means we work hard to keep morale and motivation high, so that production remains consistently ambitious. This is easy enough when you know that all your coworkers are pulling for one another, and that there’s a whole team behind you rooting for your success.

To us, innovation also means our people are always ready to branch out and operate outside of their assigned roles should they feel they have a creative solution. There are many facets to this operation, and our people consistently surprise us and themselves with their hard work and their ability to think out of the box.

Sure, we could try and be satisfied with simply maintaining the status quo. But that doesn’t build industry leaders. That doesn’t build game-changing ideas. That doesn’t build Quincy Recycle.

We’re always ready to pave a new way to uncharted success. An example of this innovative spirit is seen in another business we operate; Quincy Farm Products.  We noticed a lot of manufacturers throwing out food by-product; naturally we thought “how do we divert this from a landfill?” A tall order for most but not us. Now that food by-product is used to feed livestock, our customers save on landfill fees and trash removal, and we’re able to make a difference and more of a profit.

Now, this is all to say, we innovate with safety always at the forefront. Now ideas that come with unnecessary risks aren’t innovative, they’re reckless. We make sure our employees are welcome to come to us with any creative solutions, and that we experiment together in a safe environment.

We know that down the road, innovative ideas will always pop up, and we’re ready to try and try again, always seeking new milestones and solutions along the way.