Malloy Family at the beach

Employee Spotlight: Michael Malloy

If we had to narrow down what makes Michael Malloy a great leader to one thing, it’s that he is always putting others first. For example, he politely declined when we approached him about being featured in this month’s employee spotlight. Michael then listed six other colleagues that he felt were more deserving. His commitment to putting others first is genuine. Not only to his coworkers but those he leads.

When did you start with Quincy Recycle?

August 1, 2011

What was your job title when you started?

Business Development

What is your current title?

General Manager

If you had to pick one, which Core Value is your favorite and why?

Alive and Well. It represents our safety and the culture we provide for our teammates. Putting safety in front of production is something we strive for not just physically but mentally as well. My primary goal is for people to go home to their families in tack but also happy and proud to work at Quincy Recycle.

What was the most challenging thing to learn in your roles?

The recycling industry is based on commodities and markets. Therefore, you are going to have highs and lows and the secret to being successful is to stay even keel. This can be difficult for many people including me but we have great leadership and wisdom that has seen our markets go up and down and they really do a great job at supporting us and keeping us focused on what matters.

What was the most surprising or fun thing to learn?

We travel and get to take an inside look at how things are made. We tour manufacturers, CPG industry, paper mills, mechanical plastic recycling, and advanced chemical recycling facilities and we get to see how things are created. I love learning about other businesses and how Quincy Recycle can create a customized recycling program for so many different types of businesses.

What’s your favorite part about working at Quincy Recycle?

If you come to work for Quincy Recycle you are much more than a number. Quincy Recycle embraces the fact that you are a husband, wife, father, mom, son, coach and all the other hats that many people wear. We value knowing that side of your life and we know those items are motivators and important to you which makes it very important to us. We have the best team! I started at Quincy because one of my childhood best friends works here. 11 years later a few of my best friends work here and at every location, we have stories and referrals just like mine.

What would you like prospective employees to know about Quincy Recycle?

That we encourage new ideas, new opportunities, and to make mistakes. We make a lot of mistakes but we learn from them and embrace the next challenge. We ask our team members to commit, be tenacious & compete to win.

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

My family. Providing my two sons and wife with new experiences is really important to me. I want my children to know there are so many great things in the world to go and do.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever read or received?

One of my favorite books is called “The GO – Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann. “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first” Also Never Ever Stop Dreaming Big Crazy Dreams

If you had to pick a song to portray the culture of Quincy Recycle, what would it be and why?

“I believe that We will win” by Pitbull