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Commercial Recycling Equipment Service

In addition to providing a distributor network for recycling machines, Quincy Recycle also offers equipment services including repair, preventative maintenance and design and installation. Our national network means that we can quickly tend to your needs no matter where you are in the United States. You can confidently rely on our national network of service professionals.

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Tom Saylor

General Manager, Equipment Division

(260) 494.5676


Quincy Recycle provides professional floor layout design and installation of baler recycling equipment in manufacturing, warehouse, or business locations. We will work with you to ensure your equipment is in an ideal location for safety and efficiency.

Preventative Maintenance

We provide Preventative Maintenance services for your equipment to reduce downtime and cost of repairs. Schedule time to have your equipment serviced and keep your system running smoothly.


We provide baler repair company services if you have a problem with your equipment. Our national team can be there quickly to identify the problem and find a solution for you. If you need service or repair, you can count on us.

Emergency Service

We know you need your machine running at 100% during operation and we provide 24/7 emergency maintenance services for balers, shredders and compactors.



      • Atlanta, GA
      • Birmingham, AL
      • Boston, MA
      • Carabelle, FL
      • Chester, PA
      • Clackamas, OR
      • Cleveland, OH
      • Corcoran, MN
      • Denver, CO
      • Detroit, MI
      • Fort Worth, TX
      • La Porte, IN
      • Los Angeles, CA
      • Louisville, KY
      • Newton, NC
      • Philadelphia, PA
      • Phoenix, AZ
      • Renton, WA
      • Richmond, VA
      • Salt Lake, UT
      • St. Louis, MO

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      Equipment Pages