Food Byproduct

Food Waste Solutions

We reduce landfill costs and environmental impact for food manufacturers and grain processors by creating solutions for their byproduct.

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Quincy Farm Products

Quincy Farm Products is a food byproducts solutions provider, buyer of industrial by-products, and a feed blender.

From Scrap to Farm

At Quincy Recycle, we work with food manufacturers to set up a program that diverts waste and turns it into animal feed products and ingredients. Through a waste audit, we develop a plan for storing and delivering materials and look for revenue streams on your behalf.

Certified FSMA and FSCPA Compliant

Quincy Farm Products is FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) compliant. We work with our suppliers and customers to ensure that all FSMA regulations are followed and industry best practices are put in place. We are also FSPCA (Food Safety Preventative Controls Alliance) certified for Animal Food.

Livestock Feed Supply

As a farming company, you can work with us to develop a blend of protein, fat, and energy levels necessary for your livestock. We offer custom blends that have high-quality ingredients, developed from human quality postindustrial food scraps. We offer thorough analysis and testing coupled with flexible load sizes.

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