FSMA Compliance and FSPCA Certification

FSMA Compliance

Food manufacturers and processors wanting to divert food waste from landfills will find a profitable partner in our subsidiary, Quincy Farm Products.

A major issue for 2017 is FSMA (Food Safety and Modernization Act) compliance. Quincy Farm Products is ahead of the curve… read more below to discover how.

As producers and food processors know, FSMA (Food Safety and Modernization Act) compliance is coming upon us quickly.

FSMA applies to animal feed and ingredients as much as to human food. At Quincy Farm Products we’ve aggressively prepared to ensure our processes and reporting will be compliant with regulations.

As part of our commitment to meeting and exceeding FSMA standards, QFP has three senior staff who are FSPCA certified (Food Safety Preventative Controls Alliance).

What this means for our suppliers – both farmers and manufacturers – is that they can rest assured that QFP:

FMSA requires those in the food chain, including animal feed manufacturers, to know that their direct suppliers and buyers are FSMA compliant. Do you know that about your vendors and customers?

The FDA defines this supply-chain control as “Animal food facilities are responsible for ensuring that raw materials and other ingredients with a supply-chain-applied control are received only from approved suppliers…”.

Quincy Farm Products works hard to source our materials from approved suppliers, while meeting all FSMA requirements ourselves, so that our customers can themselves be FSMA compliant.

Do you have questions about all of this? Contact us. Our FSPCA certified representatives will help you understand what it takes for you to be compliant and how QFP fits into your overall plan.