Deboxing & Shredding

Leave Deboxing & Shredding to Us

Do you have thousands of pounds of unsold or obsolete books or other printed material that you need deboxed, shredded, and recycled? Give us a call.

We work with publishers and professional testing services to affordably and securely debox trailer loads of books and test booklets. For many of our publishing partners, the key is security.

“Think of it like this,” said Tim, General Manager of our Quincy, IL facility. “From the publisher’s viewpoint, they value us because they can trust us with their information security.”

“These are expensive books or valuable test booklets that have to be destroyed, and an unethical recycler could sell them. Our suppliers know that we won’t,” Tim says.

Another concern for publishers is time and space. Specifically, the time it would take them to debox, store, and ship books to a recycler and the space the deboxing and storing eats up on their floor.

Many publishers even get a charge for the deboxing and recycling process – and still count themselves ahead. By having Quincy Recycle handle this process, publishers can focus on what they do best and make money on it. We’ll take care of the rest.

We encourage our suppliers to come see the process for themselves. This helps them understand how we handle their important and sensitive materials, and gives them peace of mind that the process is secure.

Here’s a rundown of that process:

  1. trailers bring loads of palletized, boxed books into one of our recycling plants
  2. these loads are weighed, graded, and put on our floor
  3. we start the deboxing process ASAP
  4. boxes are broken open and the books put into Gaylord boxes
  5. then the Gaylords are dumped onto a conveyor and loaded into a massive industrial shredder
  6. the shredded paper is then baled and put on pallets
  7. the bales of shredded paper are then sent on to paper mills to be pulped and reused

“At no point does the material leave our facility until it’s shredded, baled, and on a truck to a paper mill,” Tim emphasizes, “We take our suppliers’ security needs seriously.”

Would you like to talk to us about your deboxing and recycling needs? Call us at 800-311-6097 or with the form to the right.