iMpact On-Site Audit

Measure, Maximize, Mobilize

Our National Accounts team makes a valuable contribution to our multi-location, multi-commodity clients by providing them with customized site-specific solutions to enterprise-wide sustainability initiatives, centralized billing and reporting, and a range of other tools, including our iMpact Program.

Quincy Recycle’s iMpact Program begins by listening to and understanding our client’s recycling and sustainability goals.

Keeping those goals in mind, the next step is on-site audits at each of the client’s various plants. Since each facility will have unique waste stream problems, it’s important that our environmental consultants visit each personally.

Only from being on-site, talking with plant management, and seeing operations can we develop a recycling program that both meets the individual plant’s needs and corporate sustainability goals.

The on-site waste audit MEASURES the current state of waste handling at the facility. We look at what types of scrap are generated by input containers and bags, from purge and other production by-products, and from other plant operations.

We then draft a plan suited to each plant’s requirements and the overall corporate goal. This plan will be measurable, workable, and flexible.

After that we work closely with our client’s team to MOBILIZE process improvements to optimize recycling returns – including financial returns.  Quincy Recycle provides comprehensive consultations that track iMpact outcomes, revising as required. We become our client’s sustainability partners.

Together we MAXIMIZE waste stream revenues and savings. These are outlined in executive reports which review iMpact sustainability results.

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