Several people work on a multi-commodity recycling sorting line at a Quincy Recycling facility.

Multi-Commodity Recycling

Multi-Commodity Recycling

Manufacturers often run into a waste stream challenge — they have multiple types of waste that they need handled, and these come in varying quantities. Quincy Recycle’s sustainability experts provide the experience and knowledge necessary to turn this waste problem into a recycling solution.

For instance, it’s common for manufacturers to generate paper and cardboard waste from their input packaging, as well as plastic wastes from the manufacturing process. Add in lesser amounts of engineering-grade plastic, metal, and even food waste, and you’ve got a recipe for confusion and expense.

We find that many plants will sell their paper waste to one company, their plastic to another, metal to a third, and haul the food waste to a landfill.

Quincy Recycle is a multi-commodity recycler, and we can often handle ALL of the facility’s waste stream. That means finding buyers for paper and plastic, brokering the metals, and through our subsidiary Quincy Food Products, turning food waste into animal feed.

If you’re dealing with a waste stream that includes multiple commodities, and you’d like to simplify your recycling and sustainability efforts, contact Quincy Recycle today. We can help.

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