Food Manufacturer Case Study

A Fortune 100 food manufacturer approached Quincy Recycle for solutions to their waste stream problems. The company has asked to remain anonymous and we are respecting their request. Customer Challenge Handling waste streams should not be a thorn in the side for food manufacturing companies.  Rather, they should be focused on growing their business and... Read More

Major Upgrade to Chicago-area Plant

We’re hearing freight drivers are extremely happy with the improvements to our Chicago-area plant. Why? Easier and quicker scaling and unloading due to a major upgrade to our Alsip, IL facility. The two key factors: A new drive-on, drive-off scale A vastly larger staging and unloading area Where previously drivers had to back off after... Read More

West Bend Tops a Year of Safe Operations

“Safe performance is ingrained in the culture here at Quincy Recycle, from the moment an employee is hired on,” says Craig Zimmerman, General Manager of our West Bend, WI facility. “As an example, the first time I stepped on the floor, I was approached by a worker who asked if I was wearing steel toe... Read More

QFP Certified for FSMA Compliance

In order to make sure our post-industrial food by-product to animal feed subsidiary, Quincy Farm Products, and their partners stay fully compliant with FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) regulations, QFP’s senior management team have all been FSPCA Preventative Controls for Animal Food certified. Not only does this protect the business, just as importantly it protects QFP’s suppliers and customers.... Read More

Commingle Plastic (#1-7 Plastics)

If you have commingle plastic, we’d like to talk. Quincy Recycle handles hundreds of tons of commingle plastic each month, and we’re in the market for more. By commingle, we mean post-consumer, #1 to #7 plastic containers, baled. These bales can contain some tin or aluminum cans. We work with municipal and county dual stream... Read More

Don’t Ship Air and Other Trailer Loading Tips

Freight costs are a large part of the cost of industrial recycling. Keep your freight costs under control by organizing your loads so you’re not “shipping air”. One key to a profitable recycling solution is to maximize your cost-per-ton on trailer loads. “Heavier loads have a lower cost-per-ton than lighter ones,” John Danker, General Manager... Read More

Skittles & Animal Feed – More to the Story

From our Quincy Farm Products subsidiary: A recent “off-beat” story hit the news: hundreds of thousands of Skittles candies were found covering a Wisconsin highway, which were destined for farms as a feed supplement for cattle. The story was often covered either as humor or as alarmist concern over candies being used in cattle feed.... Read More

FSMA Compliance

Food manufacturers and processors wanting to divert food waste from landfills will find a profitable partner in our subsidiary, Quincy Farm Products. A major issue for 2017 is FSMA (Food Safety and Modernization Act) compliance. Quincy Farm Products is ahead of the curve… read more below to discover how. As producers and food processors know,... Read More

New Recycling Facility in Marion, IA

Iowa manufacturers and others generating large volumes of plastic and paper have a new, local recycling option. Quincy Recycle is opening its sixth Midwestern recycling facility in Marion, Iowa, just outside of Cedar Rapids. “The Cedar Rapids area was a natural location for us,” said Bryan Stokes, owner and president of Quincy Recycle. “Our plants in... Read More

Competition and Collaboration

Competition is good. Sometimes, though, collaboration is better. If you’re in the recycling industry, you’ve no doubt worked with other recyclers. It’s fairly common given shared vendors and specialization in materials. This process usually begins with a problem – a recycler has a manufacturer or other vendor with materials they’re having difficulty handling. That’s when... Read More