Dock Upgrades at New Haven Plant

Manufacturers and freight companies unloading and loading material at our New Haven, Indiana plant alongside I-469 are finding that easier than ever… and these improvements are benefiting the bottom line for all involved. Quincy Recycle recently invested substantially in upgrading our dock and staging areas at the facility. “The volume of material coming in and out... Read More

Rail Transport Capabilities

We work closely with our vendors and customers to meet their material transportation preferences. For most, it’s tractor trailers all the way. Others, especially paper mills, prefer rail, and our New Haven and St. Louis plants accommodate them. New Haven, in metro Fort Wayne on the Indiana-Ohio border, has a rail dock for rapid loading... Read More

One Year Accident Free in St. Louis

Last spring our St. Louis-area plant become fully operational. Now it’s managed to pull off an impressive feat – going one full year accident free! How’d this happen? “Safety is a culture. It’s not a fad, it’s part of what we do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis,” said Chad Hoener, General Manager of Quincy Recycle’s... Read More

Leave Deboxing & Shredding to Us

Do you have thousands of pounds of unsold or obsolete books or other printed material that you need deboxed, shredded, and recycled? Give us a call. We work with publishers and professional testing services to affordably and securely debox trailer loads of books and test booklets. For many of our publishing partners, the key is... Read More

Alsip Now Two Years Accident Free

The recycling industry is dangerous. There are hazards everywhere – tractor-trailers coming and going, forklifts darting about with containers and baled materials, stacked bales, compactors, “guillotine” roll cutters, and a host of other dangers. Which makes our Alsip plant’s announcement even more amazing – this week the Chicago-area facility reached TWO YEARS without an OSHA-reportable... Read More

Commingled Plastic Loads

Quincy Recycle handles hundreds of tons of commingled plastic every month. And we could take hundreds more, provided the commingle meets industry specs. What exactly do we mean by commingled plastic? “Commingle is post-consumer, #1 to #7 plastic containers, baled,” says Tim Bliefnick, General Manager of our Quincy, IL facility. The bales can contain tin and aluminum... Read More

365 Days of Safety in New Haven

Quincy Recycle’s New Haven, Indiana plant recently reached a significant milestone: 365 days accident free. There are major advantages to going a full year without an accident, the most obvious being “we want everyone to go home alive,” as Safety Manager Joe Genenbacher points out. Given the complex environment of a modern material recovery facility... Read More

Plastic Scrap Load Quality

Buyers of scrap plastic for recycling are putting more and more emphasis on load quality. They are increasingly likely to reject or severely downgrade plastic loads that don’t meet stringent quality levels. That’s driving Quincy Recycle to work even harder at providing high-quality baled plastic loads. We do this in several ways – by investing... Read More

Customer Service Summit

Customer service is at the core of what we do at Quincy Recycle — solving waste stream problems for manufacturers. That carries over into every aspect of our business as well. And it’s not taken for granted that superior customer service will just happen. We work at it on a daily basis, and once a... Read More

Tight Market For Plastic Recyclers

Plastic recyclers like Quincy Recycle face a tough plastics market. For the past year we’ve seen a significant drop in the price of recycled plastic. Why? The price of oil has dropped by half over the past year The global economic slowdown is lowering export demand Load contamination is driving down the price we get on... Read More