Metro St. Louis Facility Fully Operational

Good news: solving your waste stream problems just got easier. Quincy Recycle’s recently opened St. Louis facility is fully operational and providing sustainable solutions for our partners. The Bridgeton, MO facility has over 60,000 square feet of floor space. We are installing new baling and shredding equipment to help process fiber and plastic from manufacturers... Read More

Multi-Commodity Recycling

Multi-Commodity Recycling Manufacturers often run into a waste stream challenge — they have multiple types of waste that they need handled, and these come in varying quantities. Quincy Recycle’s sustainability experts provide the experience and knowledge necessary to turn this waste problem into a recycling solution. For instance, it’s common for manufacturers to generate paper... Read More

Clear Communications

Clear Communications Truck drivers hauling loads into Quincy Recycle’s plants shouldn’t have to guess where to go or what to do when they get there. Directing them is our responsibility. Quincy Recycle puts great effort into communicating with our freight carriers and their drivers. After all, every minute wasted is money lost by the carrier, us,... Read More

New Plant in St. Louis

QUINCY, Illinois (December 1, 2014) – Quincy Recycle, a full service commercial recycler offering B2B waste reduction solutions throughout the Midwest, announced today that it has acquired the plant and plant assets formerly owned by Imperial Paper Stock Company of Bridgeton, Missouri. “Quincy Recycle is committed to adding value and solving problems for industrial generators... Read More