West Bend One Year of Safe Operations

One Year Accident Free in St. Louis

Last spring our St. Louis-area plant become fully operational. Now it’s managed to pull off an impressive feat – going one full year accident free!

How’d this happen?

“Safety is a culture. It’s not a fad, it’s part of what we do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis,” said Chad Hoener, General Manager of Quincy Recycle’s Bridgeton/St. Louis plant.

Chad and his team were able to install this culture of safety while at the same time upgrading the facility into a functioning and efficient recycling plant is a testament to all involved.

“We were a new plant, with construction going on, new employees, and putting in new equipment,” Chad pointed out, “without an organized and proven safety plan, we could have had accidents.”

Safety Manager Joe Genenbacher, who oversees safety at all five Quincy Recycle facilities, provides three decades of operational experience and a methodical, detail-oriented mindset to the mix.

Beyond the hundred-and-one items on the plant’s safety checklist, Joe puts his experience –and common sense – to work when walking the plant.

“I look and notice things – are the tow motor drivers belted in and driving safely? Is the machinery in good working order, have its PMs been done and recorded? Are the electrical boxes in good condition, and don’t have anything pushed up against them? The basics,” Joe said.

All of which is good news for our material vendors and buyers. A safe plant operates efficiently.

There are fewer errors, fewer issues with inbound or outbound loads, all of which results in more accurate reporting and higher quality material leaving the plant. That’s good business to all involved.

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