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Our clients trust us to provide safe, secure, and reliable product destruction services. Whether the product is obsolete, proprietary, or you just need it gone, we understand that each situation is unique which is why we offer discrete destruction solutions tailored to meet your needs. As one of the largest and most accomplished product destruction companies, we provide services nationwide to our clients.

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Destruction Guaranteed

At Quincy Recycle, we understand that sometimes secure product destruction is the only solution for materials in order to protect your brand integrity. For example, electronic office equipment that contains sensitive data must be thoroughly destroyed to prevent that information from falling into the wrong hands. Consumer goods that have been deemed defective or unsafe need to be removed from circulation completely so they can’t harm the public or your brand. Certain types of pharmaceutical waste also must undergo certified product destruction for health or environmental concerns.

We operate with total security and provide a letter of destruction with every job. We also offer witnessed and recorded destruction execution to provide further guarantee and assurance that the job is complete. The protection of your brand is our priority.

Innovative Solutions

If destruction is not required, we can help you in seeking alternative solutions for products that are no longer needed. Our team will work with you to develop a plan that benefits you. This could mean finding new outlets to sell your destroyed or unwanted products and materials, reducing landfill costs and improving your impact on the earth in doing so.

Our large network of national partners means we can find you a better price for materials you are willing to resell thanks to a larger pool of potential buyers. No matter what solution is right for you, we can deliver the capabilities you need.

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First, we listen. Then, we work tirelessly to find the optimal solution for your unique situation.

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