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Quincy Recycle has been providing industrial recycling and waste management solutions for nearly fifty years. We've seen how the recycling industry has changed, and we've adapted to meet the needs of businesses and manufacturers across the country. We have years of experience in industrial recycling and can provide customized waste management services and equipment to keep your operations running smoothly.

As a single-source provider, we offer total recycling and waste stream solutions for post industrial material. Our industrial recycling services are delivered in the most effective manner possible to effectively streamline your business operations. Our team will evaluate your current waste generation and determine what can be reused and recycled. This will help us develop a plan of action focused on helping you save money and reduce waste.

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Strategic Partnership & Global Solutions

At Quincy Recycle, we pride ourselves on developing trusted partnerships that add value to your business. Our large national network affords us high negotiating power and maximized profits by getting the best rate for your material. We are then able to pass these benefits on to our customers to ensure we provide the highest overall value.

Over the years, we have established a national network of recycling partners and reliable international connections. Our connections allow us to provide businesses and manufacturers across the country with industrial recycling and waste management solutions.


Customized Innovative Solutions

Quincy Recycle provides a one-stop solution for all your waste management needs, including recycling plants, commodity trading, and equipment distribution. We know that every business is unique. Our vast selection of resources allows us to provide recycling solutions for a variety of waste streams.

Programs are customized for your exact specifications to quickly and efficiently handle your recyclable material. We can quickly and safely remove waste from your location and take it to the best outlet for recycling. This way, you can get more value back from your materials. We are experienced providers of B2B recycling services and can help make your business more efficient.

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Reliable Service

Our customers are our top priority. We strive to provide them with sustainable solutions and outstanding customer service every day. We put an emphasis on providing solutions early so our customers are continuously receiving reliable service as quickly as possible.

We have nearly 50 years of experience in the industrial recycling industry and are committed to providing outstanding service. We believe in creating lasting partnerships and strive to always exceed expectations. Our deep network of industry connections and trusted team of Quincy Recycle employees are here to serve you.


Accurate and Trusted Reporting

Quincy Recycle offers timely and reliable reporting on your materials and movement. We know it’s important to understand the impact of your waste stream on the bottom line and on the environment. We transparently share materials, tonnage, and more to make sure you have the information you need to best manage your business.

Have any questions? Our team is available as a direct line of communication to answer any questions you might have about your reports.



By choosing to recycle, you’re choosing to use your company’s waste and byproduct to its fullest potential. Recycling greatly reduces the amount of waste produced during operations and contributes to the overall sustainability of our planet. Recycling already-processed material waste decreases the amount of energy needed to create new material, resulting in fewer greenhouse emissions and cleaner production.

Throughout our experiences, we have helped numerous customers improve their carbon footprint through a focused effort on waste reduction. Let's work together to reduce pollution and conserve natural resources. We can develop a waste management system that is specifically focused on improving your industrial recycling efforts, saving you time and money.


Maximized Profits

It is likely that a large percent of your production waste is actually recyclable. By choosing to recycle your company’s byproduct, you can save money on waste removal and replacement products. At Quincy Recycle, we find innovative, alternative solutions for any business that improve logistics and create value from your scrap material. You can even find ways to recycle your materials and turn them into new products, saving money on raw materials and increasing your profits.

Better yet, our service extends beyond developing unique industrial recycling plans and creating possible revenue streams. Our account management teams will help you offset the cost of production and waste removal by continuing to analyze your waste streams, even when your process or products change.

Mixed Commodities

We take the burden of organizing materials by accepting mixed commodity trailers. This saves you time and effort, making the entire process as simplified as it can be. Our capabilities and facilities mean you won’t have to worry about whether or not we can accept whatever it is you need to dispose of from your operations.

You can recycle a mix of commodities including:

We accept blended paper, shredded paper, newspapers, mill paper, envelopes, books, and more.

We accept cardboard and other fiber materials including rolls, Gaylord boxes, skidded cartons, and more.

We accept all grades of plastics, cartons, shrink wrap, PET bottles, water bottles, and more.

We accept scrap metals such as steel, iron, aluminum cans, and more.

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National Network

Our national service network allows us to provide top-notch service across the country.

What our customers say:

“Quincy truly acts as a partner to their clients. They reached out directly to us to discuss our company’s unique waste needs and challenges, and helped identify solutions to help meet our waste reduction goals.”

Sustainability Manager, Frontier Co-op

“I can't say enough good things about Quincy Recycling. They saved my company about $30,000 annually once we switched to them to handle recycling one of our waste streams. It wasn't even a waste stream that they had a lot of experience recycling, but they did their research and made sure it was being recycled the right way. They've also been great about communicating with us. When I reach out to Quincy, I'm not just another customer I'm a priority, they get back with me right away.”

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist, NSK Americas

“We've been working with Quincy Recycle since the Indianapolis facility opened. We have been extremely pleased with James and his team. They are always willing to help with any exception or unique situation we bring to them. This has been a very valuable relationship for us.”

Owner and General Manager, Proshred Indianapolis

“Medline has been doing business with Quincy Recycle for over 10 years and greatly values the relationship. Terrific company.”

Corporate Purchasing Director, Medline

“We started working with Quincy in 2013 and they have been great partners from the beginning.  They are true professionals and they go the extra mile to make sure all your recycling needs are met.  We have built a great relationship and will continue to work with Quincy for all of our recycling needs.”

Sanitation Manager, Dutch American Foods

“We have been working with Quincy Recycle since 2015.  Our contacts at Quincy are always responsive and looking for ways and ideas to help us.  In the last year, we have experienced many ups and downs with the market and the situation in China.  Quincy has helped us work through this and have been open to ideas to make the negative impact less. 

Quincy is our one stop shop for our recycling needs.”

Procurement Manager, Masters Gallery Foods

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