Cardboard Recycling

Industrial Corrugated Recycling

Cardboard cartons, boxes, and trays make up a large portion of transportable goods containers. However, once the products have been unpackaged, the leftover cardboard waste can take up space and get in the way. Quincy Recycle gives you the opportunity not only to eliminate this waste from your sites, but also to get a return from it. Our B2B bulk cardboard recycling programs make it possible for you to:

  • Reduce the amount of garbage you send to landfills
  • Lower your business’ carbon footprint and environmental impact
  • Add a new revenue stream to support your bottom line

We have decades of experience working with cardboard recycling partners across the United States. Our multiple locations across the Midwest, combined with our nationwide trading network, allow us to move loads anywhere across the county. Connections with ports on both coasts make it possible for us to exchange international transshipments. Our national and international capabilities help us transport and process what you give us quickly and effectively.

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Types of cardboard we recycle:

Baled Cardboard
Cardboard Packaging
Gaylord Totes
Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC)

We make it easy to recycle your cardboard waste. From Gaylord boxes to chip boards and almost everything in between, you can trust Quincy Recycle to be your dependable corrugated recycling partner.

Benefits of Recycled Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is one of our most industrially recycled cardboard materials. Made from kraft containerboard, corrugated cardboard boxes are primarily created with three or more layers. Their cost-effective and customizable attributes make them ideal packaging material for manufacturers, warehouses, and industrial suppliers.

Quincy Recycle partners with companies to establish safe, effective recycling strategies. As long as the corrugated cardboard is free of protectants or contaminants, such as wax or food products, it is acceptable for recycling or reuse. Our system results in significant cost savings for you and opens the door to new sources of income. Check below for types of industrial cardboard we commonly recycle.

The Lifecycle of Cardboard

Although the industrial cardboard recycling services we provide for each of our clients is completely customized to suit their needs, here’s a general overview of what we can do for you to help you become more eco-friendly and reduce costs.

Graphic visualization of a brown and orange box manufacturing plant and its recently produced food product boxes.

Step One

A manufacturer that produces a large amount of cardboard scrap gets in touch with us and we join forces.

Graphic visualization of mixed-commodity load in a green dumpster ready for pick up.

Step Two

We collect the unwanted materials from the client as part of a mixed-commodity trailer, paying the fair market value for the scrap cardboard.

Graphic visualization of a Quincy Recycling plant.

Step Three

We process and bundle the scrap to prepare it for baled cardboard recycling.

Red and grey truck and trailer with Quincy Recycle logo.

Step Four

We haul the baled cardboard to one of our paper mill partners across the country.

Graphic visualization of large teal and yellow food manufacturing plant and its leftover cardboard material ready for recycling.

Step Five

The paper mill creates paper rolls using the scrap cardboard and sells them to a box manufacturer.

Graphic visualization of large stacks of brown cardboard boxes and scrap material.

Step Six

The box manufacturer processes the paper to become new corrugated boxes for shipping goods, and the cycle begins anew.

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