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We Buy and Sell Gaylord Boxes

As a leading national supplier and buyer of Gaylord totes (also known as Gaylord boxes), we offer a large selection of totes in different shapes and sizes. Our expansive inventory allows us to keep Gaylord totes in stock and ready to deliver to businesses across the country - meaning your order is delivered whenever and wherever you need it. We believe in providing sustainable shipping solutions right to your door so you can effectively contain your products while remaining environmentally conscious.

Named after the first manufacturer, “Gaylord” totes are ideal for containing, storing, and transporting large items and large quantities of items. The 3+ ply corrugated cardboard walls provide heavy-duty support and can hold up to 2,000 pounds of various materials. Gaylord boxes make it easy to save on freight costs by packaging bulk shipments in the same container and are useful space-savers as stackable storage containers.

In times when you need additional protection against outside elements, poly-liner bags keep your products fresh and away from contaminants. Gaylord totes are also extremely durable, easy to assemble, foldable for flat storage, and fully reusable and recyclable. Contact us to learn more about the cardboard Gaylords for sale we have in stock and ready to ship!

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Among the types of Gaylord totes we buy and sell:

Plant Gaylords

Full bottom, triple wall Gaylord boxes. Capable of being double stacked easily. Ships in loads of 450-500 boxes at a time.

Double Wall Gaylords

Double wall, full bottom Gaylords. Usually includes belly bands for added strength and support. Can be double stacked depending on the material you are putting them in. Please discuss this with your Quincy Recycle contact. Ships in loads of 750-1500 boxes at a time.

Slip Sheet Bottom Gaylords

Triple wall Gaylords with partial bottom flaps. Slip sheets are usually included unless otherwise specified. Drop-in sheets make the box a full bottom box. Ships in loads of 450-500 boxes at a time.


Full flap top and bottom, triple wall Gaylord boxes. Very sturdy and can be stacked easily. Great for protecting products from contamination and for stacking by closing the top flaps. Ships in loads of 450-500 boxes at a time.


We have both new and used pallets, including heat-treated pallets. Pallets can be purchased separately, or as part of a load of Gaylord boxes.

Stack of brown cardboard boxes inside of a warehouse.

Buying and Selling Gaylord Totes

Whether you’re looking to purchase Gaylord totes or sell the ones you have, we make it easy to work with us as a partner. We buy and sell Gaylord totes and boxes through our commodity trading program, and our national network and streamlined logistics have established us as leaders in the recycling and reuse of Gaylord totes. Additionally, our multiple locations allow us to provide convenient dropoff and pickup options across the continental United States.

We offer top dollar for your used Gaylord totes. As long as the totes are in good condition, we are happy to purchase them from you. Businesses that generate an excess of Gaylord boxes can establish a pickup schedule on an ongoing basis, so you never have to worry about empty boxes taking up space.

Reusing material is important to us, and Quincy Recycle provides solutions that make it easy for your business to contribute to a closed-loop economy. Along with new Gaylord totes, used Gaylord boxes are available for sale as a cost-effective alternative. We strive to provide the best options for our customers at the best value. Certain box specifications may work best for your business operations, and our team will work within your budget and specific business needs to determine what those are.

recycled gaylord totes

Recycling Gaylord Totes

Even if your Gaylord totes are no longer in good condition, don’t dispose of them! We will collect unwanted totes, typically as part of a mixed-commodity trailer, and pay the fair market value for scrap cardboard. Recycling with us helps you reduce landfill waste and cost, lower your environmental impact, and add a new revenue stream to your business. Plus, it helps us offer quality recycled Gaylord totes to our clients.

If you have any Gaylord totes you would like to buy, sell, or recycle, give us a call! We’d be happy to go through our current inventory or discuss delivery and pickup options.

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What our customers say:

“Quincy truly acts as a partner to their clients. They reached out directly to us to discuss our company’s unique waste needs and challenges, and helped identify solutions to help meet our waste reduction goals.”

Sustainability Manager, Frontier Co-op

“I can't say enough good things about Quincy Recycling. They saved my company about $30,000 annually once we switched to them to handle recycling one of our waste streams. It wasn't even a waste stream that they had a lot of experience recycling, but they did their research and made sure it was being recycled the right way. They've also been great about communicating with us. When I reach out to Quincy, I'm not just another customer I'm a priority, they get back with me right away.”

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist, NSK Americas

“We've been working with Quincy Recycle since the Indianapolis facility opened. We have been extremely pleased with James and his team. They are always willing to help with any exception or unique situation we bring to them. This has been a very valuable relationship for us.”

Owner and General Manager, Proshred Indianapolis

“Medline has been doing business with Quincy Recycle for over 10 years and greatly values the relationship. Terrific company.”

Corporate Purchasing Director, Medline

“We started working with Quincy in 2013 and they have been great partners from the beginning.  They are true professionals and they go the extra mile to make sure all your recycling needs are met.  We have built a great relationship and will continue to work with Quincy for all of our recycling needs.”

Sanitation Manager, Dutch American Foods

“We have been working with Quincy Recycle since 2015.  Our contacts at Quincy are always responsive and looking for ways and ideas to help us.  In the last year, we have experienced many ups and downs with the market and the situation in China.  Quincy has helped us work through this and have been open to ideas to make the negative impact less. 

Quincy is our one stop shop for our recycling needs.”

Procurement Manager, Masters Gallery Foods

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