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Put Your Metal Recycling to Work for You

Quincy Recycle has years of experience in commercial and industrial metal recycling, moving hundreds of tons of metal recyclables through our facilities and to our trading partners each month. We help our customers find value in their scrap metal through thoughtful logistics and meaningful partnerships with numerous refineries throughout the country.

We make it easy to recycle your metal scrap with convenient and no-hassle mixed commodity trailer loads. Include your scrap metal with your paper and plastic recyclables; then we sort and organize it at our facilities and find the best outlet for the materials. We partner with metal refineries to allow us to more quickly process your metal waste recycling and get the scrap metal re-purposed for its next use.

Our commercial metal recycling services can transform your unusable scrap into a new revenue stream for your business. As an experienced metal recycling company with contacts across the country, we know there is a big market out there for unwanted scraps. We always pay fair market value, and our extensive network of facilities means a better chance that someone will be looking for what you have, and we are able to exercise more negotiating power on your behalf. When you choose us to handle your metal waste management, rest assured that we will create a fully customized solution for all your needs.

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Among the types of metal we recycle:

Aluminum Can
Used Beverage Can
Stainless Steel
Tin Cans
Litho Plates

With recycling plants in the Midwest and a nationwide trading network, Quincy Recycle can easily move a variety of different scrap metal throughout the country.

A Metal Lifecycle:

Our custom solutions look a little bit different for each client. Here's an example of how we can reduce the costs and help save the planet at the same time.

Graphic visualization of a blue and yellow beverage processing plant.
Step One

A Beverage Processor has empty metal drums from sweetener as a byproduct of their manufacturing process, and partners with Quincy Recycle for a sustainable disposal solution.

Graphic visualization of a mixed-commodity metal recycling load in a green dumpster and black metal barrels ready for pickup.
Step Two

Quincy Recycle collects the metal drums as part of a mixed-commodity trailer, so the Beverage Processor does not need to sort items themselves. Quincy Recycle pays fair market value for the metal scrap.

Graphic visualization of a Quincy Recycling plant.
Step Three

Quincy Recycle sorts and organizes the materials collected in the mixed commodity trailer at their facility.

Red and grey truck and trailer with Quincy Recycle logo.
Step Four

Quincy hauls the empty metal drums to a Metal Refinery partner.

Graphic visualization of four vertical, grey steel beams.
Step Five

The Metal Refinery melts the drums to form new pieces of steel.

Teal and orange graphic visualization of manufacturing facility producing new goods from recycled metal materials.
Step Six

The steel pieces are used in the manufacturing of new goods.


Quincy Recycle is an equipment distributor of material waste or recycling disposal equipment that fits your small or large-scale operational needs. Equipment can be purchased, rented, or leased.

vertical baler

New & Used Equipment

We distribute vertical balers, horizontal balers, cardboard balers, plastic balers, shredders, compactors, conveyors and more for your recycling equipment needs. We also purchase used balers and other recycling equipment.

Factory working wearing a welding mask is welding material.

Equipment Service

We have nationwide installation and repair service capabilities that ensure a smooth operation for the life of your equipment. Services include: Preventative Maintenance and care, equipment repair, and emergency service capability.

Close-up view of baled cardboard scrap.

Bale Wire

We buy truckloads of American-made baling wire to ensure you get the best quality and value. We keep an inventory of single loop bale ties, box wire, and stump wire to keep ship times low.

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