Service Spotlight: Quincy Recycle Equipment Division

Industrial and Commercial Manufacturers have a lot going on within their facilities. They are moving a ton of product in and out every day and producing a lot of scrap recyclable material along the way. Finding an efficient way to manage and prepare that scrap for recycling is an area many just simply don’t know where to start. Wouldn’t it be nice to partner with someone who can help you find the best recycling equipment for your business?

That’s where Quincy Recycle can help. We partner with companies all over the U.S. to help them achieve their waste reduction and sustainability goals. Our Equipment Sales and Service division is just one of the many services we offer to make it easy for our partners to manage their waste stream.

Helping companies manage their waste stream from early on.

Here at Quincy Recycle, we’ve always worked to help our customers get connected with the right equipment for their business’ needs. Over the years, many of our partners would come to us with questions and for help with their equipment needs. After a while, we started thinking – what if we took a more proactive approach to this side of our business? So, that’s just what we did.

Tom Saylor heads up the Equipment Division here at Quincy Recycle and he’s been hard at work establishing a nationwide network of service providers to help our partners from coast-to-coast.

We take a personal approach with each of our customers/vendors to find the right piece of equipment for their needs. – Tom Saylor, General Manager – Quincy Recycle Equipment Division

It’s more than just sales and service. Through the process, we also help educate our partners on how to make it easier to put their waste stream to better use.

Flexible Commercial Recycling Equipment Solutions

Choosing recycling equipment is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Each business’ needs are different. Quincy Recycle is an authorized distributor of a wide range of recycling equipment from several equipment suppliers. That’s important to us and our partners because it provides the flexibility to secure the best equipment for each of the businesses we work with. Here are just a few of the more common pieces of equipment you’ll find our vendor partners using in their facilities.

Large blue machinery used for processing recycled materials.

Vertical Balers

A Vertical Baler is often considered an introductory style machine and can handle waste streams up to 50 tons of material each month.


Large blue horizontal baler used for processing recycled materials.Horizontal Balers

These machines typically include a conveyor system and are suitable for helping prepare a variety of different materials, such as cardboard, paper, and plastics for efficient transport.



Large blue compactor used for processing recycled materials.Compactors

You’ll find compactors almost anywhere where waste is managed, and they are extremely versatile. With several styles available, it’s easy to find an option that makes sense for your business.





And, those are just a few examples of the equipment choices available. Make sure to check out our Recycling Equipment Sales page for more information and contact our team with additional questions.

Why is the Equipment Sales and Service Division so important?

For us, it’s another piece of the puzzle to building a complete, one-stop solution for our vendors and customers. Managing the logistics of the recycling process can be daunting and it’s important for us to make that process as easy as possible for our partners. That starts with setting them up with the best equipment for their facility.

Since they can process and bale their scrap right away, it’s easier to keep organized and contained while still in their facility. No loose scrap lying around means a cleaner and more importantly, a safer facility. Plus, the right equipment allows for a much more efficient way for customers to prepare their scrap for pickup and transit.

Without the right equipment, manufacturers may be forced to either pay to have someone haul their material to the landfill, which is bad for their bottom line and the environment OR pay extra to send loose scrap to be sorted by hand at a recycling facility. By taking full advantage of our Equipment Sales and Service team, our partners avoid those extra costs, and not to mention – valuable time.

So, how can Equipment Sales and Service from Quincy Recycle help make the recycling process run smoother for your business? It’s simple really. We set you up with the right equipment for your business. Our team listens to your pain points and takes the time to understand what it’ll take to help put your waste stream to work for you.

Ready to learn more?

Contact our team today for a free quote on recycling equipment. We offer multiple purchase options including; Purchase Outright, Lease to Own, and Rental. Our team will work closely with you to find the right equipment and purchasing solution to meet your needs.


About Quincy Recycle

We solve waste stream problems for manufacturers and other industrial suppliers. With over 45 years in the business, we handle paper, plastic, and metal recycling, and help clients build sustainable waste reduction processes within their business.


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Gaylord Boxes

What’s in a name? Boxes used in manufacturing sure do have a lot of them. You may hear them referred to as “pallet containers”, “bulk boxes”, “pallet boxes”, “skid boxes”, or “bulk bins”. One of the most common and strangest names for a box used in manufacturing is “Gaylord box”. An industry staple in the world of manufacturing, you may use this name everyday without knowing where it actually comes from.

The first Gaylord boxes were produced nearly 60 years ago, by The Gaylord Container Company which was originally based in St Louis; hence the name. Originally just one specific type of packing box, the term has evolved over time to encompass many different sizes of box products. There have been some buyouts and headquarter changes, but the company that founded the Gaylord box still exists today.

Gaylord boxes are a vital component to any manufacturing operation. So how would you feel if we told you that you were paying too much for yours? Or that you were costing your company a lot of money by throwing them out?

Well, you probably are.

These boxes can hold hundreds, even thousands of pounds of product. Corrugated cardboard is the star of the show, and makes them physically capable of withstanding intense weights and pressures. Corrugated cardboard is a fancy way of saying reinforced and strong paper products made to resist tears and take a few transit punches along the way.  Suffice it to say these boxes are basically indestructible. So why would anyone only use a box once?

In our one and done society, still usable and functional items are often put to pasture well before their true expiration date, and these boxes are no exception. Sure, you could keep paying $20-$30 for a new box every time you are ready to ship. But we recommend seeing the light at the end of the savings tunnel and paying a fraction of new box cost for a perfectly re-usable used box instead. If you have empties up for grabs we will happily take those as well, saving you invaluable waste removal costs and creating a revenue stream where you once had only costs.

Contact us with questions or to check availability, and let’s see how much we can start saving you today!

Quincy’s Safety Milestones

At our core, we strive to create a work environment with a foundation that is built on mutual respect. No one is more important than the other, and we only achieve optimal performance when we work together.   We also recognize that our team members have people counting on them coming home at the end of a long day. 

That’s why, out of our many Core Values, the most important one is Alive & Well. This job can be a dangerous one. It can mean observing or operating in a plant you just walked into for the first time.  It can mean operating a baler or driving a forklift in the plant you come into everyday while remembering there is a fine line between familiar confidence and foolhardy risk. 

To err is human, to emphasize safety is Quincy Recycle. We start every manager meeting with acknowledgement of safety examples or changes made to improve safety.  We ask our associates to hold each other accountable to our published safety standards on a daily basis. Responsibility for self and others is at the forefront, as well as a focus on learning from past mistakes and near misses. Safety results are always more important than production results, and we would argue that safe manufacturing and processing practices actually herald efficiency. We conduct monthly company wide safety meetings, where we share and train on topics that are critically important to keeping our team members and our facilities safe and we learn from mistakes and near misses.   

But physical safety is more than just showing up to work and staying safe and whole. We also provide free annual physicals and discounted health insurance premiums to our associates who participate in our wellness program. We believe that if you feel good, and you have the tools to be proactive and preemptive with your own personal health, you’ll not only be healthier overall, but you’ll be a more attentive and active employee. Taking care of people is the right thing to do, and it’s just good business. Investing in our people and respecting the roles they play and jobs they do enables us to also empower them to thrive.  

We do all of this because our bottom line is dependent on our people. Our colleagues are an extension of our families. Our jobs entwine together in a web of success, each strand just as important as the next; we need every employee healthy and energized, in order to be the company we want to be.  

Your Waste Audit

The first step to fixing a problem is admitting that you have one. Sorry to hit you with philosophy right out of the starting gate, but we figured time is money, and you’re probably losing some as you read this. How do we know? We know because you’re a manufacturing company and studies show that on average, more than 70% of what you throw out isn’t actually trash at all. 

So what does that mean? It means you’re paying too much for waste removal and replacement products, some of which you could reuse. It means you’re missing out on great free PR; sustainability is on everyone’s minds these days. But most importantly, it means we can help you save more (materials, money, time)  while you waste less. 

We are a national recycling company that specializes in helping manufacturers like you recognize opportunities to improve and start performing at optimum utilization of your resources and inputs (raw materials, packaging, capital, and human resources). We believe profits and sustainability aren’t mutually exclusive. That’s why we do what we do. 

Once our team is able to observe your current sources of waste generation and means of collection and disposal we will develop a plan of action tailored to your various waste byproducts. We will determine what can be reused and give you options when it comes to what can be recycled. Options that will absolutely save overall waste stream costs and quite possibly create revenue streams.  Innovation is the name of our game, both internally and in our waste audit plans. If we can find ways for your process to operate more efficiently and generate less waste, we will help you implement those solutions. What an easy way to engage your team in sustainability goals that improve the thumbprint your facility leaves on our planet and boosts your bottom line.

We don’t stop there, though. Account management teams will continually analyze your waste stream, helping you offset production and waste removal costs even when your process and products change. This is an ongoing process, and we believe there is always room for improvement.  It is a collaborative and team effort.

To us, sustainability is achievable and made possible with Quincy Recycle’s involvement. It requires implementing realistic waste reduction goals that help your overall operational efficiency and showcase your ownership and responsibility in waste stream management. 

Let us help you start to take those small steps today. We’re game if you are.