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New and used vertical and horizontal balers.


Quincy Recycle offers new and used recycling equipment for sale, lease or rent, and also purchases a wide variety of recycling equipment from customers all over the country. We carry many different types of recycling balers, compactors, shredders, crushers, conveyors and other equipment designed to solve your waste stream management problems.

Regardless of your recycling goals, our team will identify custom solutions that align with your budget, materials, and throughput needs.


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Large blue machinery used for processing recycled materials.

Vertical Balers


We have a wide range of baler compactors for sale, lease or rent. Vertical balers compact a variety of waste material for recycling or disposal by producing a dense bale of material. These machines can be an ideal introduction to baling and are able to handle moderate volumes of materials. Great for managing waste streams of up to 50 tons of material per month. The completed bale is tied using single loop bale ties.

Large blue horizontal baler used for processing recycled materials.

Horizontal Balers


Typically fed by a conveyor system or tote tipper, this piece of equipment compacts a variety of material for efficient transport. Horizontal units can bale a wide variety of material including cardboard, paper, newspaper, printer trim, film, plastic parts and more. A closed-door horizontal baler will produce high-density bales up to 1,450 pounds and effectively manage waste streams between 50-200 tons per month. Completed bales are tied using bale ties.

Large blue auto-tie baling machines used for processing recycled materials.

Auto-Tie Balers

Open-End Auto-Tie balers compact fiber products including cardboard and paper materials while Two Ram balers can be used to bale a variety of materials including fiber, plastic, metal and more. Auto-Tie Balers are generally well suited to manage high volume productions and high throughput needs from 200 – 1,000 tons or more per month. As the name implies, the baler automatically ties off completed bales using stump or box baler wire eliminating “completed bale” downtime and reducing labor costs.

Large blue compactor used for processing recycled materials.


We carry several options of compactors for recycling or waste disposal.

  • Stationary compactors are durable and can handle heavy-duty solid waste streams.
  • Self-contained compactors are best used for materials that produce liquid after compacting. Unlike stationary compactors, these units are specifically designed to contain excess liquid.
  • Pre-Crushers are an option that can increase weight-to-volume ratios by crushing material before compacting it into the receiver box.
  • Auger compactors offer compaction with continuous forward packing efforts.

Turn to Quincy Recycle for high-quality cardboard compactors for sale, as well as units to rent or lease.

Large blue conveyors used for processing recycled materials.


We offer several types of conveyors including horizontal or inclined cleated belt, steel belt, rubber belt, slider bed, overhead magnetic, box pre-crusher and stainless-steel conveyors.

Black and red machine for recycling.

Sweed Choppers

We carry Sweed Choppers for your scrap material needs. Scrap choppers reduce a variety of scrap material including PET/plastic strapping, baling wire, doctor blades, O.D. tube scarf, cables, metal and more. Scrap material is fed into the machines through an open mouth and processed material is dropped into a hopper or bin. Scrap choppers are a great choice to reduce cost and increase value.

Large blue shredder used for processing recycled materials.


We offer single-shaft shredders, dual shaft shredders and quad-shaft shredders. These industrial shredding machines effectively reduce material for more efficient blending or recycling.

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