Vertical Balers

Industrial Vertical Balers

We have a wide range of vertical balers for sale, lease or rent. Our inventory is kept in-stock and constantly changing. We offer new and used vertical balers to accommodate a wide range of needs and budgets, and our team will work with you to determine the best machine to most effectively handle your waste output.

How They Work

Vertical balers compact a variety of waste material, including corrugated cardboard, paper, plastic, textiles, and cans. Generally, material is loaded from the top and usually only requires one person to operate. The vertical pressure on the waste material then compresses it into dense bales. The completed bale is tied using single loop bale ties. These machines can be an ideal introduction to baling and are able to handle moderate volumes of materials. Vertical balers work well for managing waste streams of up to 50 tons of material per month. If you are looking for a machine that handles a higher volume of material, check out our horizontal balers.

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Basic Vertical Baler Operation

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Benefits of a Vertical Baler

Investing in a vertical baler to handle your recyclable waste offers many benefits. Due to their smaller size, vertical balers require less floor space than horizontal balers. The compacted bales produced by the baler also take up less space than loose recyclable material. Bales can be stacked and organized for efficient transport. More available floor space in your facility means more room to grow your operation.

Vertical balers are the economical option for companies with smaller volumes of recyclable waste. They reduce costs by cutting down landfill fees, and increase revenue by providing an additional stream of income. Our national partnerships allow us to offer competitive, fair market rates for your recyclable waste.

Preventative Maintenance

At Quincy Recycle, we believe in providing service and support beyond the sale. Our certified technicians are trained to inspect and repair various makes and models of vertical balers. We also offer preventative maintenance to ensure the performance of your equipment. From installation to repairs, you can trust us to be your reliable recycling partner.

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