About Quincy Recycle

Illinois B2B RecyclingQuincy Recycle is in the business of solving waste stream problems for manufacturers. Our primary business is providing paper, plastic, and food waste recycling to industry. We are also a major supplier and buyer of gaylord boxes.

We currently have seven locations in five Midwestern states:

  • Quincy, IL (plant and corporate offices);
  • Alsip (Chicago), IL
  • New Haven, IN
  • Bridgeton (St Louis), MO
  • West Bend (Milwaukee), WI
  • Marion (Cedar Rapids), IA
  • Indianapolis, IN

Our customers value our commitment to diverting their waste from landfills, maximizing the revenue generated by recyclable materials, and meeting their sustainability goals.

Quincy Recycle is a growing company, with an aggressive, solutions-based culture.

We believe that helping our business partners (vendors and customers) develop sustainable and creative business solutions with a positive economic impact will grow Quincy Recycle and establish us for the long term.

Contact us today. Tell us about your waste stream problems. Together your team and ours will work out the most effective solutions to divert your paper and plastic waste from landfills and into your recycling stream. This will minimize costs and often generate new revenues.

Quincy Farm Products

Quincy Farm Products sprang from the realization that there is a considerable and growing market for solving food waste problems for manufacturers. Since its founding in 2014, Quincy Farm Products has evolved into an adaptive and innovative provider of food waste recycling and custom livestock feed and ingredients.

QRP Logistics
QRP Logistics is the newest arm of Quincy Recycle. Founded in 2015 in response to freight needs at our Bridgeton and West Bend facilities, QRP Logistics provides freight hauling services both for our business and for others.