Be Courageous and Try It

Another Core Value we, as a company, live by is the idea that one should always Be Courageous and Try It. Fear of failure is understandable, but it also inhibits innovative change and personal growth. And we don’t stand for that.

We combat this by acknowledging that there is courage just in trying; by that logic then, there is courage in failure.

This is why we encourage each and every one of our employees to always be brave enough to dive in head first and try. This is the process that helps us to evolve our systems and develop new and better ways of doing the same old same old.

The cost of this evolution is that sometimes, that new suggestion or procedure doesn’t translate into actual success when put into practice. This outcome does not prompt disdain or censure. Quite the contrary.

We encourage anyone involved in potential innovation not to be embarrassed, but instead proud. If they were brave enough to try and implement beneficial change, it shows they care, and that they are seeking new ways to make a positive difference in their workplace. They are seeking to better the lives of their coworkers through innovative, efficient solutions. That should be applauded.

This Core Value also means we encourage our employees to have the courage to grow in their roles, and even try to take on new ones.

We value our employees because in them, we see infinite potential. We also see bravery and a willingness to take on new challenges. They may not always succeed in a new role, but again, our appreciation lies in their bravery to try, and give their all in the attempt.

The best times, though, are when we see our peoples’ bravery lead them to success. It helps us as a company to grow, and it also helps our employees to grow into better stewards of their company.

Courage to try is a vital staple of our operation, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without it.