Closed Loop Economy: What does it mean and how does it work?

closed loop economy

If you’re not already thinking about how your company can start integrating into the closed-loop economy model, you’re behind the curve. Commonly referred to as the “circular economy”, this increasingly popular framework for the procurement, creation, and consumption of goods and materials is estimated to be worth $4.5 trillion globally by 2030. On a micro-level,…

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Rail Transport Capabilities

Rail Access for Mills

We work closely with our vendors and customers to meet their material transportation preferences. For most, it’s tractor trailers all the way. Others, especially paper mills, prefer rail, and our New Haven and St. Louis plants accommodate them. New Haven, in metro Fort Wayne on the Indiana-Ohio border, has a rail dock for rapid loading…

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Plastic Scrap Load Quality

Plastic scrap

Buyers of scrap plastic for recycling are putting more and more emphasis on load quality. They are increasingly likely to reject or severely downgrade plastic loads that don’t meet stringent quality levels. That’s driving Quincy Recycle to work even harder at providing high-quality baled plastic loads. We do this in several ways – by investing…

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