Skittles & Animal Feed – More to the Story

Screen shot of text found on the EPA website's section about sustainable management of food as animal feed.

From our Quincy Farm Products subsidiary: A recent “off-beat” story hit the news: hundreds of thousands of Skittles candies were found covering a Wisconsin highway, which were destined for farms as a feed supplement for cattle. The story was often covered either as humor or as alarmist concern over candies being used in cattle feed.…

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FSMA Compliance

FSMA Compliance and FSPCA Certification

Food manufacturers and processors wanting to divert food waste from landfills will find a profitable partner in our subsidiary, Quincy Farm Products. A major issue for 2017 is FSMA (Food Safety and Modernization Act) compliance. Quincy Farm Products is ahead of the curve… read more below to discover how. As producers and food processors know,…

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