Chicago Paper and Plastic Recycling

Indianapolis IN Recycling – Paper & Plastic

Our Indianapolis, IN area B2B recycling facility provides paper and plastic recycling services to manufacturers and other high-volume customers in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky.

A rail spur enables loading and unloading of materials directly into the plant, while multiple docks ensure quick access for the tons of trucked commodities that pass through the building daily.

The plant’s Irvington, IN location is close to I-465 and I-70, which makes access to and from our location very easy.

Examples of paper and fiber products we recycle for the Indiana-Michigan-Ohio-Kentucky region:

cardboard (OCC)
office paper, sorted office waste (SOW)
mixed paper
newspaper (#8 and #9)
junk mail
old brochures
kraft rolls
paper cores
hard and soft back books
news blank
coated sulfite (CS – from commercial printers)
sorted white ledger (SWL)

Examples of plastic types we recycle for Indiana-Michigan-Ohio-Kentucky manufacturers:

PET – polyethylene terephalate (PETE)
HDPE Color & Natural – high density polyethylene with color, or natural (milk jugs)
PVC – Polyvinyl chloride
LDPE – low density polyethylene
LDPE Film – low density polyethylene film (shrink wrap, clear film)
PP – polypropylene

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