Quincy Recycle - industrial recyclingQuincy, IL Recycling – Paper, Plastic, Food Byproducts

Quincy Recycle’s first plant and corporate headquarters are located in Quincy, IL, along with the wholly-owned subsidiaries Quincy Farm Products (food byproducts to livestock feed) and On-Site Information Destruction (secure document and hard drive shredding).

Centrally located along the Mississippi River, with easy access to Interstate highways, barge, and rail transport. In addition to fiber and plastics, the Quincy facility deals with food waste, Ag waste, secure document shredding, and product destruction.

The Quincy plant provides industrial recycling services for manufacturers and others that generate large volumes of paper and plastic that needs to be recycled. Our service area extends downriver to St. Louis, upriver to the Quad Cities, throughout Illinois and Missouri.

Quincy Farm Products works with food manufacturers to take their human-grade food byproducts and convert them into high-quality livestock feed and feed ingredients.

On-Site Information Destruction provides NAID AAA certified document destruction, hard drive and microfilm shredding, and product destruction services.

Examples of paper and fiber products we recycle for the Indiana-Michigan-Ohio region:

cardboard (OCC)
office paper, sorted office waste (SOW)
mixed paper
newspaper (#8 and #9)
junk mail
old brochures
kraft rolls
paper cores
hard and soft back books
news blank
coated sulfite (CS – from commercial printers)
sorted white ledger (SWL)

Examples of plastic types we recycle for Indiana-Michigan-Ohio manufacturers:

PET – polyethylene terephalate (PETE)
HDPE Color & Natural – high density polyethylene with color, or natural (milk jugs)
PVC – Polyvinyl chloride
LDPE – low density polyethylene
LDPE Film – low density polyethylene film (shrink wrap, clear film)
PP – polypropylene

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Areas Serviced:

Quincy, IL
Quad Cities
Peoria, IL
St. Louis, MO
Northeast Missouri
Southeast Iowa