Gaylord Boxes

Gaylord Boxes for SaleQuincy Recycle buys and sells Gaylord boxes throughout the United States. Whether you need Gaylord boxes or you have them to sell, contact us and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

We have a huge supply of Gaylord Boxes available.
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Quincy Recycle is a leading national provider of Gaylord boxes. We have a variety of sizes and types of Gaylord boxes in stock at our facilities and through our vendor partners. Delivered or picked-up, LTL or truckloads. Full truckloads are generated regularly – tell us what you need and we’ll find the box to fit. Below are descriptions of some of the Gaylord boxes we handle and ship regularly:

  • Plant Gaylords – Full bottom, triple wall Gaylord boxes. Capable of being double stacked easily. Ships in loads of 450-500.
  • Slip Sheet Bottom Gaylords – Triple wall Gaylords with partial bottom flaps. Slip sheets are usually included unless otherwise specified. Drop in sheets make the box a full bottom box. Ships in loads of 450-500.
  • Double Wall Gaylords – Double wall, full bottom Gaylords. Usually includes belly bands for added strength and support. Can be double stacked depending on the material you are putting them in. Please discuss this with your Quincy Recycle contact. Ships in loads of 750-1500.
  • HPT-41’s – Full flap top and bottom, triple wall Gaylord boxes. Very sturdy and easily stackable. Great for protecting products from contamination and for stacking by closing the top flaps. Ships in loads of 450-500.
  • Pallets – We have both new and used pallets, including heat-treated pallets. Pallets can be purchased separately, or as part of a load of Gaylord boxes.


39 inch tall gaylord boxes for saleQuincy, IL

  • HPT-39 Gaylord boxes – 48x40x39 full flap top, full flap bottom
  • HPT-41 Gaylord boxes – multiple truckloads available
  • HPT-50 Gaylord boxes – no tops, full flap bottom, great for metal yards
  • Plant Gaylord boxes – pallet size, full flap bottom, tri-wall

SpaceKraft boxes for saleMarion/Cedar Rapids, IA

  • SpaceKraft boxes

Used plant gaylord boxes for saleAlsip, IL

  • Plant Gaylords – full flap bottom
  • Double wall Gaylord boxes

Slip sheet gaylord boxes in New Haven, IndianaNew Haven, IN

  • Plant Gaylord boxes – full flap bottom
  • Slip sheet bottom Gaylords
  • SpaceKraft Gaylord boxes

Slipsheet bottom gaylord boxesSt. Louis, MO

  • Slip sheet bottom Gaylords
  • HPT-41s – high quality used boxes
  • Plant Gaylords – full flap bottom

Spacekraft Gaylord Boxes for SaleWest Bend, WI

  • SpaceKraft boxes
  • Slip sheet bottom Gaylord boxes
  • HPT-41 Gaylord boxes

HPT-41-lgHPT 41 Gaylord Boxes (High Performance Tote)

  • 47 x 39 x 41”. 5 ply
  • Full top and bottom flaps
  • 500 boxes per load


  • Mixed load of plant gaylords (34s, 41s, 50s)

Coast to Coast — we can meet your Gaylord box needs.
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