Paper Recycling

slider-paper1Does your company have an effective paper recycling program? Quincy Recycle can provide B2B paper recycling solutions for your business that will:

  • lower your landfill expense
  • reduce your carbon footprint
  • generate revenue to improve your bottom line

With seven recycling plants in the Midwest, Quincy Recycle is ideally located to move fiber loads throughout the country and out to ports on the West and East Coasts for transshipment to China, India, and beyond.

We are able to transport and process this paper quickly and effectively through industry-leading processes and workflows. These paper recycling efficiencies will result in additional cost savings for your organization.

Paper recycling is an integral component of an organization’s sustainability program which could include the following recycled materials:

cardboard (OCC)
office paper, sorted office waste (SOW)
mixed paper
newspaper (#8 and #9)
junk mail
old brochures
kraft rolls
paper cores
hard and soft back books
news blank
coated sulfite (CS – from commercial printers)
sorted white ledger (SWL)


Contact us and together we can craft a custom paper recycling program for your business.