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Reduce the cost of your plastic waste

Quincy Recycle processes thousands of tons per month of plastic recycling material for our manufacturing and industrial vendors. We provide value to our suppliers by diligently working to sell even the most difficult plastic recycling material.

Working together with your team, we find solutions to your plastic scrap waste stream problems. Our goal is to divert plastic waste from expensive landfills. Often the scrap plastic has enough value we can pay you for it - replacing an expense with revenue.

The nationwide reach we have as a leading plastic waste management company means we have the connections and the capabilities to assist you no matter what. Whether one’s enterprise has a national footprint or not, we can provide you with the customized industrial plastic recycling solutions that are right for you. That includes selling your waste materials for plastic scrap recycling, which can provide you with another stream for cash flow and even profit.

We’re also the ideal plastic recycling brokers for those looking to purchase scraps to use in their processes. If you are in the market for high-quality materials you can repurpose into new products, give us a call.

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Among the types of plastic we recycle:

#1 PET

polyethylene terephthalate (PETE), polyester

#2 HDPE Color

high density polyethylene with color

#2 HDPE Natural

high density polyethylene, natural in color

#3 PVC

polyvinyl chloride


low density polyethylene

#5 PP


#6 PS


#6 PS

commingle plastic


naturally transparent amorphous thermoplastic

HMW Drums

high molecular weight polyethylene drums


low density polyethylene film (shrink wrap)


acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

Engineering Grade Plastics
mixed rigid plastics

A Plastic Lifecycle:

Our custom industrial plastic recycling solutions look a little bit different for each client. Here's an example of how we can reduce the costs and help save the planet at the same time.

Graphic visualization showing a brown, orange, and yellow seed manufacturing plant.
Step One

A Seed Manufacturer with bulk quantities of scrap plastic bags partners with Quincy Recycle to divert these items from landfill.

Graphic visualization of mixed-commodity recycling load in a green dumpster and black trash bag ready for pick up.
Step Two

Quincy Recycle collects the plastic bags from the Seed Manufacturer as a part of a mixed-commodity trailer, paying fair market value for the plastic scrap material.

Graphic visualization of a Quincy Recycling plant.
Step Three

Quincy Recycle sorts and organizes the plastic bags at their facility.

Red and grey truck and trailer with Quincy Recycle logo.
Step Four

Quincy Recycle hauls the organized plastic bags to a Plastic Processing Company.

Graphic visualization of plastic products made from recycled material.
Step Five

The Plastic Processing Company washes, shreds, and grinds the bags to make plastic pellets.

Graphic visualization of a large blue and yellow manufacturing plant.
Step Six

The pellets are sold to a Plastic Lumber Decking Manufacturer where they are used to make high quality plastic decking.


Quincy Recycle is an equipment distributor of material waste or recycling disposal equipment that fits your small or large-scale operational needs. Equipment can be purchased, rented, or leased.

vertical baler

New & Used Equipment

We distribute vertical balers, horizontal balers, cardboard balers, plastic balers, shredders, compactors, conveyors and more for your recycling equipment needs. We also purchase used balers and other recycling equipment.

Factory working wearing a welding mask is welding material.

Equipment Service

We have nationwide installation and repair service capabilities that ensure a smooth operation for the life of your equipment. Services include: Preventative Maintenance and care, equipment repair, and emergency service capability.

Close-up view of baled cardboard scrap.

Baling Wire

We buy truckloads of American-made baling wire to ensure you get the best quality and value. We keep an inventory of single loop bale ties, box wire, and stump wire to keep ship times low.

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