Plastic Recycling

B2B plastic recyclingQuincy Recycle handles thousands of tons per month of plastic recycling material for our manufacturing and industrial vendors. We provide value to our suppliers by diligently working to sell even the most difficult plastic recycling material.

Working together with your team, we find solutions to your plastic scrap waste stream problems. Our goal is to divert plastic waste from expensive landfills. Often the scrap plastic has enough value we can pay you for it — replacing an expense with revenue.

We offer plastic recycling processing capabilities at all seven facilities – Quincy IL, Alsip (Chicago) IL, New Haven IN, West Bend WI, St. Louis MO, Marion/Cedar Rapids IA, and Indianapolis, IN.

Whether your plastic recycling material needs to be baled, shredded, or destroyed – we are committed to creating win/win scenarios where we maximize material value and minimize cost.

Among the types of plastic we recycle:

PET – polyethylene terephalate (PETE)
HDPE Color – high density polyethylene with color
HDPE Natural – high density polyethylene, natural in color (milk jugs)
HDPE Misc Drums – high density polyethylene drums
PVC – Polyvinyl chloride
LDPE – low density polyethylene
LDPE Film – low density polyethylene film (shrink wrap, clear film)
PP – polypropylene
PS – polystyrene
PS – commingle plastic

Engineering grade plastics– mixed rigid plastics

We also buy and sell gaylord boxes, and IBC totes.

Quincy Recycle also has the ability to ship material directly from your loading dock to international destinations like Tianjin and Shanghai. Our plastic recycling brokerage division continues to explore direct end user outlets throughout the country and world.

B2B Plastic Scrap Recycling

Contact us to get started developing a customized plastic recycling program for your business.