We Buy and Sell Recyclable Materials

Quincy Recycle buys and sells a variety of recyclable waste. Quincy Recycle buys various recyclable materials from manufacturers, wholesalers, publishers, and other recyclers. If you don’t see what you have or want below contact us, because we like solving problems. If you have it, we might buy it. If we can find it, we’ll sell it.

We buy and sell paper, plastics, and much more. If you wonder if we’ll buy or sell it, call us at (800) 311.6097.


  • #1 PET - polyethylene terephalate (PETE)
  • #2 HDPE Color - high density polyethylene with color
  • #2 HDPE Natural - high density polyethylene, natural in color (milk jugs)
  • HDPE Misc Drums - high density polyethylene drums
  • #3 PVC - Polyvinyl chloride
  • #4 LDPE - low density polyethylene
  • LDPE Film - low density polyethylene film (shrink wrap, clear film)
  • #5 PP - polypropylene
  • #6 PS - polystyrene
  • Engineering grade plastics


  • OCC - baled cardboard (old corrugated containers)
  • SOW - sorted office waste
  • MWL - manifold white ledger
  • SWL - sorted white ledger
  • CS - coated sulfite (brochures, etc.)
  • mixed paper - news, cardboard, miscellaneous fiber
  • #8 news - newspapers
  • groundwood books - second-hand or several times used books
  • cores - fiber tubes
  • Gaylord boxes and slipsheets

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