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About Quincy Recycle

Quincy Recycle is one of the fastest growing providers of recycling services in the Midwest. We place an emphasis on business to business recycling programs and sustainability initiatives.

“What are your recycling, waste reduction and sustainability goals?”
We always start our new business relationships with this question — “What are your recycling, waste reduction and sustainability goals?”.

The next step is to work very hard to help our vendors and customers meet those goals.

Established in 1974, Quincy Recycle has four business units. These are comprised of the Quincy, IL; Alsip (Chicago), IL; and New Haven, IN plants, along with a brokerage business unit.

Brokerage Business Unit

Business Brokerage UnitQuincy’s brokerage business was established in 1978 and has established outlets for recycled paper, plastic and metals throughout the United States, China and India. This business unit allows us to provide sustainable solutions to suppliers throughout North America and allows us to offer competitive pricing based on global demand.

Quincy Plant

Quincy PlantOur original processing facility was established in 1974 and serves the Illinois, Missouri and Iowa markets. With over 90,000 square feet of space, 2 two ram balers, and a fleet of more than 100 trailers, our Quincy operation serves manufacturers, printers, counties and the city of Quincy’s recycling program.

Alsip Plant (Chicago)

Alsip plantOur Alsip facility was established to serve the Chicago and Northwest Indiana markets. This processing facility has 56,000 square feet, over 20 loading docks and easy access to the export market. Our Alsip facility is positioned very well to handle multi-commodity truckloads of plastic scrap for the export market. In addition, this facility processes over 3500 tons per month of various waste paper grades.

New Haven IN Plant

New Haven plantIn 2008 Quincy Recycle acquired Central States Fiber in Marion IN. We moved the processing facility to New Haven IN (Fort Wayne) in 2010 to meet the growing demand for sustainability solutions Northeast Indiana. We have over 200,000 square feet of operating space, live rail access on the Norfolk Southern line, two high production balers, and roll processing capabilities.

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