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Should Your Business Invest in Recycling Equipment in 2023?

More and more companies throughout the world are investing in industrial recycling and waste management solutions, and for good reason. Industrial recycling opens the door for new revenue streams, responsible waste management, and a positive reputation for sustainable solutions within communities.

Businesses that generate a significant amount of waste can benefit from on-site recycling equipment. As 2023 inches closer, it’s time to consider how you’ll be distributing your equipment spend and capital expenditures throughout the new year. It’s important to work with a partner that understands your budget, waste output, and sustainability goals to choose equipment that is right for you.

The Quincy Recycle team has the experience and knowledge to find solutions that fit your business’ specific needs. Let’s take a look at the benefits of choosing Quincy Recycle as your industrial recycling equipment partner.


It’s hard to project every expense that will occur in a new year. Luckily, Quincy Recycle offers flexible payment options on recycling equipment so you know exactly how much you’ll be spending. Our large selection of inventory, manufacturer partnerships, and payment plans allow us to accommodate your 2023 equipment budget. Flexible payment options on recycling equipment from Quincy Recycle include:


Recycling equipment can be a significant up-front investment. Renting provides a budget-friendly solution for waste management without the commitments that go along with owning your own machinery. It also ensures you know exactly how much you’ll be spending each month on payments so you can budget accordingly.

Hassle-free installation and routine maintenance are covered by Quincy Recycle when you choose to rent through us. We will install your new equipment and then perform preventative maintenance throughout the life-cycle of your rental agreement. We take pride in the equipment we offer to our customers, so we work hard to maximize the performance and output of every piece of recycling machinery.

Interested in renting? Let us help you identify a plan that works best for your needs at a price point you can afford. Give us a call and take control of your 2023 equipment expenditures by knowing exactly how much rentals will cost next year.

Capital Leasing (Lease to Own)

If your business needs to manage waste today but new equipment wasn’t part of your budget, or financing the purchase over time more closely matches your needs, consider a Capital Lease for your recycling equipment.

Capital leasing works similarly to renting. Payments are fixed and you don’t have a large up-front cost. The primary difference is that you own the equipment at the end of the term.

Lease to own payment plans are great options for businesses that want to invest in long-term waste management solutions, but are currently uncertain about the process or lacking the budget for an outright purchase at this time.

Interested in lease to own? Give us a call to discuss what options might be available to you.

Outright Purchase

Companies that prefer not to work with monthly payments can invest in the outright purchase of recycling equipment. Purchasing outright gives you total control over how your equipment is used, how often it’s serviced, and the opportunity for resale.

Quincy Recycle has new and used equipment options at competitive prices to fit a variety of recycling budgets. Every piece of used equipment we offer has been professionally cleaned and inspected. No matter which option you choose, you can depend on durability and reliability from all of our inventory.

Interested in purchasing recycling equipment outright? We have a large inventory of equipment at different price points and the expertise to help you determine the right recycling equipment that fits your budget and goals.

Deciding whether to rent, capital lease, or purchase equipment outright may seem overwhelming. Quincy Recycle helps companies find the best equipment and payment options to protect their bottom line. Customer success is our success. Together, we can find the option that works specifically for your business while working toward a more sustainable future.

Let’s start the conversation about your 2023 equipment budget and waste management goals. Fill out our free quote form or contact Tom Saylor, General Manager of the Equipment Division, at (260) 494-5676 to learn more.


Waste output and production needs differ from business to business. Recycling equipment that works for one company may not be the best option for another. At Quincy Recycle, we work with industrial companies and warehouses to create custom recycling equipment plans that maximize the benefits of waste management. We’ll help you choose the right equipment and identify streams for potential revenue.

For example, a company with a large amount of cardboard waste may benefit from a cardboard baler or compactor. Cardboard balers and compactors both reduce the size of cardboard waste placed into the machine, increasing the amount of space available in your warehouse or workspace. The material can then be transported in larger quantities to save money on freight or reduced dumpster tip fees.

No matter which waste materials your company produces, we will create a custom solution to help you reach your recycling goals. This includes materials that require secure product destruction. For a list of materials we can recycle, please check out our industrial recycling services.


Flexible payment options and custom recycling plans work together to protect your bottom line. Nearly 50 years of experience in the industry have given us the expertise to combine the two and identify profitable solutions for our customers. We ensure your investment makes financial sense and produces an acceptable return on investment.

Our detailed reports provide data that identifies potential areas for profitability. From reduced landfill costs to increased energy savings, we help our partners save money while helping to save our planet. Let’s work together to protect your bottom line and create opportunities for your company to grow.


Quincy Recycle is a full-service recycling company. Every customer, large or small, is treated with the same respect and acute attention to detail by our professional teams. We want to understand your budget and goals before we recommend any equipment choices. From there, we handle all logistics and installation activity for you so you can continue to focus on daily operations.

Ongoing support and maintenance are crucial to your equipment’s success. Our team provides service and preventive maintenance to keep your equipment running properly after it has been installed. Preventative maintenance helps reduce downtime and cost of repairs. Many signs of problems are identified before they occur, and then transparently communicated to our customers. When an unexpected breakdown does occur, our team works quickly to resolve the issue.

Dedicated support from our teams and drivers continues long after equipment sales. Along with maintenance and repairs, we offer material waste and mixed commodity trailer pickups. We offer both detailed waste management plans and the equipment to implement them, as well as regular waste pickup services.

National network partnerships allow us to offer fair market value and effectively transport and process post-production waste. Trust Quincy Recycle to be your single-source recycling provider.


Industrial recycling equipment is an investment. By working with a partner that is knowledgeable about equipment types and the demands of your production, we can help you yield a return on that investment. Quincy Recycle is a recycling partner centrally located in Quincy, IL with locations throughout the Midwest. We have helped customers coast-to-coast handle waste stream problems while maximizing financial and sustainability goals.

For a free quote on industrial recycling equipment, fill out the form on our recycling equipment page or contact Tom Saylor, General Manager of the Equipment Division, directly at (260) 494-5676. We look forward to working with you.