Large bales of multi-color commingled plastic material.

Commingle Plastic (#1-7 Plastics)

If you have commingle plastic, we’d like to talk.

Quincy Recycle handles hundreds of tons of commingle plastic each month, and we’re in the market for more.

By commingle, we mean post-consumer, #1 to #7 plastic containers, baled. These bales can contain some tin or aluminum cans.

We work with municipal and county dual stream recycling programs buying, processing, and selling their commingle plastic.

To get the most value for your commingle loads, keep in mind that we have to downgrade loads that are:

  • Contaminated with prohibitives
  • Have had more valuable #1 PET and #2 HDPE removed

Contact us to find out what your commingle plastic could be worth.

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