Employee Spotlight: Dane Thorson

When you ask Chad Crawford about Dane Thorson and which core value comes to mind, the answer is quickly “One Team. One Dream. One Family.”

Dane has been a leader for Quincy Recycle in the plant since the day he started over six years ago. He’s gone above and beyond the “Plant Supervisor” role by filling in as operations manager when we were between Jake and Tyler. He knows what needs to be accomplished daily and makes it happen with the team’s help. He takes great pride in doing things the right way and always keeps safety at the top of mind for himself and the rest of the associates on the floor. Over the last couple of years, he has greatly improved his communication skills with his teammates and office staff. We would not be anywhere near as successful as we have been the last couple of years without Dane Thorson.

When did you start with Quincy Recycle?

November of 2016

What was your job title when you started?

Plant laborer

What is your current title?

Team lead

If you had to pick one, which Core Value is your favorite and why?

Listen up, be inquisitive and keep an open mind because everything is always changing. Keeping an open mind allows us to grow and accomplish new goals.

What was the most challenging thing to learn in your roles?

Finding the balance to accomplish as much as I can each day while most importantly staying safe.

What was the most surprising or fun thing to learn?

Always something new to learn about the commodities

What’s your favorite part about working at Quincy Recycle?

Loading and unloading trailers

What would you like prospective employees to know about Quincy Recycle?

How many different paper grades there are that people use.

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

Camping, bowling and going to stock car races