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The Process of a Quincy Recycle Waste Audit

At Quincy Recycle, we strongly believe that sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand.

One of the ways that we help our clients achieve both of these goals is through a comprehensive waste audit. Waste audits help us save our clients money, effectively manage their waste streams, and ultimately protect their bottom line.

In this blog post, we’ll explain what a waste audit is, how it works, and why it’s such an effective tool for improving your company’s environmental performance and bottom line.

What is a waste audit?

First, let’s define what we mean by a waste audit. A waste audit is a process that involves identifying, measuring, and analyzing the materials that your business discards as waste.

This includes everything from paper files and cardboard packaging materials to plastic waste and scrap metal. By conducting a waste audit, you’ll be able to identify opportunities to reduce waste, increase recycling, and optimize your waste disposal processes.

How does a waste audit from Quincy Recycle work?

Pre-Audit Preparation

From the first moment we’re contacted for waste stream solutions, our teams begin working toward analyzing and improving our clients’ waste and recycling processes. Each potential client is assigned a dedicated sales representative and team of professionals ready to assist your industrial recycling needs.

A pre-audit phone call will be scheduled to discuss aspects of your current waste processes. We ask for any current reports related to waste and recycling, including waste hauler statements, invoices, trash reports, and any available data on waste volumes generated.

Our goal is to review your waste processes as a whole. This information helps us build an accurate snapshot of current disposal practices.

Initial Assessment

After we’ve received the reports, our team conducts an on-site facility visit and walk through. We want to get to know your business and waste processes first-hand, so we can make recommendations from data relating to your specific business.

During the on-site visit, we will:

  • Collect waste samples
  • Review your environmental and sustainability goals
  • Discuss current recycling initiatives (what you’re doing that’s going well today and what isn’t)
  • Identify and inventory sources for waste streams
  • Review inefficiencies in the process
  • Measure/Take note of your floor plan and available space
  • Inspect opportunities for cost avoidance and revenue generation

Every company is unique. Our walk-through allows us to provide personalized feedback on current waste reduction, recycling, and disposal practices.

Waste Characterization

Following the initial assessment, we’ll review and evaluate what we saw during our visit. The waste samples we collected will be tested and returned to provide waste characterization. Waste characterization provides an accurate picture of how your waste can be effectively managed from start to finish.

It’s important to identify the type, volume, and frequency of waste being generated to accurately prepare an action plan. Different types of waste may require different handling methods. Waste samples are analyzed for physical properties, including type and composition. For example, different types of plastic require different recycling or disposal methods. Food byproduct is sent to labs for nutritional analysis.

By characterizing the various waste streams, Quincy Recycle can determine which materials can be recycled or reused, and which should be disposed of appropriately.

Opportunities & Recommendations

Once waste has been characterized, we will provide a comprehensive report to our client outlining our findings, inefficiencies, and recommended solutions for improvement. These recommendations may include implementing a more efficient recycling program, improving waste segregation, or moving to more sustainable or circular solutions.

Waste streams specifically are evaluated for waste reduction, recycling, and reuse opportunities. Any regulatory issues that your facility may have, as well as any issues related to the logistics of waste collection and transportation, are taken into account.

It is possible to minimize waste while maximizing your bottom line.

We believe sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand. Our customized waste audit provides recommendations for sustainable policies, procedures, and/or industrial recycling equipment that can help reduce your waste output, improve waste diversion rates, and ultimately save you money.

This plan also incorporates any recommended modifications we have identified, as well as a timeline for implementation and anticipated cost savings. We know your time is valuable, and we want to help you manage waste efficiently as possible.

By reducing your waste output, you can save significant amounts of money in disposal and transportation costs. Additionally, our national partnerships allow us to offer fair market value for waste materials that can be reused, generating possible additional revenue streams for your business.

On-Going Support

As your business grows, your needs may change.

Quincy Recycle offers ongoing support and monthly reports to ensure our clients achieve sustainable waste reduction goals. These reports include metrics around cost savings, revenue gains, landfill diversion amounts, and material management.

Every report we provide offers a transparent overview of how well your waste management and sustainability goals are being met. We also help identify new and emerging waste reduction solutions, ensure waste diversion targets are being achieved, and maintain best waste management practices across all departments.

Along with providing on-going account support and reports, Quincy Recycle stays up-to-date on current updates about regulations and industry practices. This allows our clients to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to finding ways to reduce their environmental impact.


A waste audit is a powerful tool for improving your waste management processes and environmental performance. In short, it helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint, preserve the environment, and protect their bottom line.

At Quincy Recycle, we have a team of professionals to help guide you through the entire recycling process, ensuring that your organization can maximize the benefits of your waste audit and the cost savings that go hand in hand with reducing waste.

Contact us today online or by phone at 800.311.6097 to learn more about how a waste audit can benefit your business.