Quincy Recycle Knows Gaylord Boxes

As a leading national supplier and buyer of Gaylord totes (also known as Gaylord boxes), we offer a large selection of totes in different shapes and sizes. Our expansive inventory allows us to keep Gaylord totes in stock and ready to deliver to businesses across the country – meaning your order is delivered whenever and wherever you need it. We believe in providing sustainable shipping solutions right to your door so you can effectively contain your products while remaining environmentally conscious.

Named after the first manufacturer, “Gaylord” totes are ideal for containing, storing, and transporting large items and large quantities of items. The 3+ ply corrugated cardboard walls provide heavy-duty support and can hold up to 2,000 pounds of various materials. Gaylord boxes make it easy to save on freight costs by packaging bulk shipments in the same container and are useful space-savers as stackable storage containers.

In times when you need additional protection against outside elements, poly-liner bags keep your products fresh and away from contaminants. Gaylord totes are also extremely durable, easy to assemble, foldable for flat storage, and fully reusable and recyclable. Contact us to learn more about the cardboard Gaylords we have for sale. They are in stock and ready to ship!

There are a number of types of Gaylords that Quincy Recycle buys and sells, including:

Full-bottom, triple-wall Gaylord boxes that can be double-stacked easily. These are available in loads of 450-500 boxes at a time.

Double Wall Gaylords – Double wall Gaylords have a full bottom and typically include belly bands for added strength and support. These can be double stacked depending on the material inside the box.  This option is available in loads of 750-1500 boxes at a time.  Questions about what material works best for this type of Gaylord?  Contact your Quincy Recycle expert today!

Slip Sheet Bottom Gaylords – These triple wall Gaylords have partial bottom flaps and typically include a slip sheet unless otherwise specified. When included, the slip sheets give the box a full bottom. Available to ship in loads of 450-500 boxes at a time.

HPT-41’s – This type of triple wall Gaylord is sturdy with a full flap on top and bottom. They can be stacked easily and can serve to protect products from contamination. Available to ship in loads of 450-500 boxes at a time.

Pallets – We offer both new and used pallets, including heat-treated pallets. Pallets can be purchased separately or as part of a load of Gaylord boxes.