Safe Trailer Loading

Trailer loading safety is a serious matter, and one that Quincy Recycle takes to heart. One of our primary values is “Alive and Well” and we want to stand by that by giving our team the resources they need to ensure their trailer loading process goes smoothly and safely.

Only certain load patterns are acceptable for an ensured safe environment. After loading the trailer to maximum capacity, examine if there is adequate room between the bales and wall of the trailer in order to unload the bales safely without damaging the trailer itself. See the visual below to understand the proper loading patterns.

Animated Gif of proper trailer loading by forklift

As previously stated, safety, health and well-being are top priorities at Quincy Recycle. To ensure the safety of our employees and contracted drivers, the following requirements MUST be followed:

  • Load it SAFE or do not send it!
  • Before loading bales:
    • Inspect the trailer before loading to make sure the trailer is safe and clean
    • Make sure bales are of good integrity and have adequate wires
    • Know the safe, acceptable load patterns
  • While loading bales:
    • ALWAYS turn the last row of bales lengthwise to prevent bales from falling/shifting against the door during transit. The last row of bales must be no more than 2 bales high. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!
    • Failure to adhere to this requirement may lead to the termination of purchases.
  • Never put a stack of 3 bales next to a stack of 1 bale.
  • Stack bales squarely for easy off loading and storage. Do not load with pallets or stickers.
  • Do not place small bales on the bottom with large bales on top.
  • Do not place high density bales on top of low density bales.
  • Bales often expand inside vans leaving room to unload safely. Do not stuff vans. A bale clamp, not straight forks, is often used to unload.

General Manager of the Alsip team, John Danker, spoke to the importance of Quincy Recycle safety policy and procedures:

“The loading and unloading of products is a very dangerous process that can cause serious injuries or even fatality to warehouse workers or truck drivers opening the doors once it gets to the final destination.  Safety should always be top of mind to all managers and employees that are involved in this process, from start to finish. This starts with making sure you are loading properly front to back and making sure the load is secure before allowing it to leave your facility.  At Quincy Recycle, one of our most important core values is “Alive & Well”, as we take safety very seriously. We want to see our employees go home every night to their families, but it doesn’t stop there. We also want to assure that the truck drivers and unloaders at the destination are safe while receiving products that leave our plants.”

Overall, Quincy Recycle wants to ensure the proper policy and procedure is occurring for the health and well being of the people we care about most: our team and customers. Stay Alive & Well when you work with Quincy Recycle.