Employee Spotlight: Kam Bailey

Kam Bailey and his family

Like many, Kam Bailey loves sports. He channels that competitive spirit into his role with Quincy Recycle and is consistently pushing himself to do more and find new solutions to help our vendors. When did you start with Quincy recycle? Was your job title the same as it is now? I started with Quincy Recycle…

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Case Study: Food Manufacturer

This was an exciting project for us and one we wanted to share with you because it highlights how we can work with companies to find solutions to unique issues.   While we cannot share the name of the organization, we did want to share the details. Customer Challenge Handling waste streams should not be a…

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Baling Wire For Your Business

box wire

Baling wire is one of the most essential parts of the recycling industry. Bale ties are what is used to secure bales of recyclable material safely before continuing the recycling process. As we like to say around here at Quincy Recycle, baling wire is like toilet paper, it’s never top-of-mind but it’s the end of…

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Quincy Recycle’s Equipment

At Quincy Recycle we have a wide range of baler compactors for sale, lease or rent. A baler is a piece of equipment used to compress solid industrial waste or recyclable materials such as paper, plastic, foam, and cans, to achieve better material handling and storage. We currently offer IN STOCK vertical balers, and low…

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Employee Spotlight: Matt Garmer

Photo of Matt Garmer with his family posing for a Christmas picture

In talking to Matt you realize that he has an unusual story for Quincy Recycle. He saw an ad, applied for the job, went through the hiring process, and started with Quincy Recycle as a Financial Accountant. That process would seem normal at almost any other company, but he stands out at Quincy Recycle as…

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Employee Spotlight: Reagan Costigan

Sometimes you don’t know what you are meant to do until you find yourself doing it. That can certainly be said about Reagan Costigan, our Talent Acquisition & Development Director. Having had successful career stops in various capacities, it wasn’t until she found her way to Quincy Recycle that she found her passion, and we…

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Employee Spotlight: Tom Saylor

Tom Saylor, Head of Equipment Sales for Quincy Recycle

Even though he started on April Fool’s Day, Tom Saylor’s career at Quincy Recycle has been far from a joke. His ascent to General Manager in the heartland of Iowa is one of learning, listening, and never being afraid to try. You could say that his career has mirrored his favorite Core Value – “Listen…

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Bringing New People to Quincy Recycle

Bringing in new talent to Quincy Recycle is an important part of our success. The person we have tasked with this is Reagan Costigan, the head of Talent Acquisition and Development. We sat down with Reagan to talk about what it’s like recruiting people to Quincy Recycle. Reagan’s insight and expertise not only demonstrate what…

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Two Years Accident Free in St. Louis

A safe work environment is a right, but it’s one that is only earned with the participation of everyone from management to floor supervisor, sorter to baler. That is why at our St. Louis  plant, the fact that we have reached 2 years accident free is less a milestone, and more a remarkable, hard-won testament…

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One Team. One Dream. One Family.

When establishing our core values, we spent a lot of time looking at ourselves and our business practices. We tried to understand what made Quincy Recycle special. Throughout that process one thing that continued to rise to the top was our people. This core value, maybe more than any other, is reflective of that. So…

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