Gaylord Boxes

What’s in a name? Boxes used in manufacturing sure do have a lot of them. You may hear them referred to as “pallet containers”, “bulk boxes”, “pallet boxes”, “skid boxes”, or “bulk bins”. One of the most common and strangest names for a box used in manufacturing is “Gaylord box”. An industry staple in the…

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Quincy’s Safety Milestones

At our core, we strive to create a work environment with a foundation that is built on mutual respect. No one is more important than the other, and we only achieve optimal performance when we work together.   We also recognize that our team members have people counting on them coming home at the end…

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Your Waste Audit

The first step to fixing a problem is admitting that you have one. Sorry to hit you with philosophy right out of the starting gate, but we figured time is money, and you’re probably losing some as you read this. How do we know? We know because you’re a manufacturing company and studies show that…

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Happy Earth Day From Quincy Recycle!

Green grass in the forest with a reflective earth globe on the ground.

Here at Quincy Recycle, Earth Day and what it stands for is kind of a big deal. After all, our business is built around finding solutions to help our clients and communities reduce waste and achieve sustainability. Read on to learn more about one of our favorite holidays and how we try to treat every…

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Searching for Product Destruction Companies? Ask These 5 Important Questions

Product Destruction

If you’re looking at different product destruction companies, there are a handful of key questions you should ask to determine which is the best fit for your needs. First, let’s get a clear understanding of why product destruction services are important. Why are product destruction services needed? Whether it’s excess, obsolete, or proprietary products –…

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Team Spotlight: Opportunity, Ownership, & Optical Sorting in Quincy, IL

Quincy, Illinois – home to beautiful riverboat views of the Mississippi River, the Adams County Courthouse, and Quincy Recycle’s very first plant (yes, it’s how we got our name). Since this plant first opened in 1974, Quincy Recycle’s services and nationwide reach have expanded considerably. But the success and positive impact produced by the Quincy,…

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Closed Loop Economy: What does it mean and how does it work?

what is a closed loop economy

If you’re not already thinking about how your company can start integrating into the closed-loop economy model, you’re behind the curve. Commonly referred to as the “circular economy”, this increasingly popular framework for the procurement, creation, and consumption of goods and materials is estimated to be worth $4.5 trillion globally by 2030. On a micro-level,…

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Recycling Week 2020 – Recovery is Within Reach

recycling week 2020

November 9th marks the start of National Recycling Week 2020 and it comes at a time when we could all use a bit of recovery. Emotional recovery, physical recovery, economic recovery, environmental recovery – the list goes on. So, it’s only appropriate that the theme of Recycling Week 2020 is ‘Recovery – A future beyond…

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Employee Spotlight: Joe Genenbacher

Quincy Recycle Logo

At Quincy Recycle, we focus on creating an engaging, positive culture where each and every employee is dedicated to the goals and mission that lead to the continued success of our company. Part of our culture includes showing appreciation and recognizing our amazing employees for the impactful work they bring to our organization. Today we’re…

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