New Homepage

Quincy Recycle Launches New and Improved Website

If you have been on our website over the past several days, you may have noticed things look a bit different than they used to. The first thing you’ll notice is the new look and modern feel, but our main priority with the redesign was to make it easier for you to find what you need quickly and gain a better understanding of Quincy Recycle and the services we offer.



Here are 5 of our favorite new features:


1. New Navigation Menu

The new menu navigation is more intuitive and helps save time in finding the information you need about our services, our company, and more.

2. Expanded Services Information

We added to the services menu to include some of our perhaps lesser-known offerings such as Sustainable Solutions, Product Destruction, and Collections & Logistics.

Not only did we add additional services to the website, but we also made it easier to learn more about them. You’ll find more photos, lifecycle examples, and clear details providing a much more holistic view of each of our services.

Graphic depiction of a paper recycling life-cycle with multi-colored images and text.


3. Updated Location Pages and Staff Bios

Now you can get to know your local Quincy Recycle team. We love getting to know our customers and wanted to make it easier for you to learn a bit more about us, too! The refreshed location pages provide important details on the location itself, along with links to team member biographies and contact information.

Screen shot of Cedar Rapids, Iowa location page.

4. Refreshed Blog

We completely refreshed our blog. Posts are now organized into categories so you can quickly find information on specific topics. Plus, you can easily subscribe to receive updates on new posts from our team containing the latest industry news and happenings at Quincy Recycle.

Screen shot of new blog sign up form and blog categories list.

5. New National Reach Page

You probably already know that Quincy is based in the Midwest, but did you also know that we offer our services nationwide through an expansive network of recycling partners? We know businesses with a nationwide footprint need a partner to match. Check out the new National Reach page to learn more about how we can help fulfill your waste stream needs from coast to coast!

Screen Shot of National Reach page with interactive map of United States

There is a lot about our new website that we’re excited about, but perhaps most of all, is the enhanced user experience. We hope you’ll take a look around and that you enjoy the new

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