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Making A Career in Waste Management and Recycling at Quincy Recycle

If you read our blog often, then you know how passionate we are about recycling. You also know that we take our culture seriously and we’re committed to the goals and mission that lead to the continued success of our company. At Quincy Recycle, we are continuously growing our company, and that comes with a focus of hiring new talent.

We care for our new hires the same way we care for our team, and it’s important that they are integrated well into Quincy Recycle with an inclusive onboarding experience. We want their experience to be informative and to build connections with their teammates, so they are ready to jump into their work with eagerness and enthusiasm.

Most importantly, we want each of our new hires to feel like they are a part of the Quincy Recycle family. Read on to learn about our onboarding program, what to expect when you work at Quincy Recycle, and whether you could be the right fit for one of our current openings.

Getting started on the right foot

The special part about our onboarding program is it’s a two-day event, where the new employee learns about our culture, our history, and what we do. The purpose of our onboarding program is to immerse a new employee into our business, naturally transition them into their new role, and set a solid foundation for their career at Quincy Recycle.

During their onboarding experience, they will learn about our values, behaviors, departments, roles, and more. We will also dive into safety protocols and training because making sure that our teammates are safe and healthy is a top priority. In fact, it’s the reason why Alive & Well is one of our core values. With a treat to lunch and having a coordinator that checks in with the new hire throughout their onboarding experience, our new employees often feel right at home as a part of the Quincy Recycle family within just a matter of days.

Another unique thing about our onboarding program is it provides the new hire with an opportunity to interview current employees to get their perspective on the business. Instead of handing them a stack of sheets that explains everything about Quincy Recycle, the new hire is engaging with current employees to start building a sense of belonging and gaining an understanding of how we operate. Being the new kid can be lonely, but this experience allows our new hires to build connections and feel included in the special thing we have going on here!

What to expect when you work at Quincy Recycle

But the onboarding program doesn’t last forever and you’re probably wondering what is expected when one works for Quincy Recycle day-to-day.  We sat down with Reagan Costigan, Talent Acquisition & Development, to hear what new employees should expect when they start working with us.

“Each teammate is committed to the mission and the success of our organization. It’s expected that you work hard, and you will be rewarded for it. But you are not in this alone because you will have teammates that are here to support you! You get to work autonomously and are encouraged to make decisions on your own and try new things.” – Reagan Costigan, Talent Acquisition & Development

Courageous and innovative employees are key to our success. Grounded in common goals and objectives, everyone is dedicated to the growth and success of Quincy Recycle. Hear more of our teammates talk about our core value, “Create Innovative Solutions”:

Current Opportunities: What we’re looking for

If you haven’t heard, we are opening a new facility in Green Bay, WI! What comes with a new facility is the need to hire talented, hardworking people. We’re searching for an Operations Manager and Maintenance Technician as these roles are key to the success of our new facility. They are vital to the growth of our facility because we need people who will take the time to understand the business and are able to help with onboarding the rest of the team.

For our Operations Manager position, we’re looking for someone who is self-driven, assertive, independent, and willing to take educated risks. To fill in our Maintenance Technician position, we’re seeking a person who can get the equipment running smoothly and are able to help design and define the structure of the plant. If one of these positions sounds like you, then check them out at our Careers page!

Other Recycling Jobs to look out for:

We are also currently looking for people to fill the Maintenance Technician position in Indianapolis, IN, and the driver position at our Cedar Rapids, IA location! For our driver position, we are seeking a responsible individual who is excited to support the build-out and expansion of our Collections & Logistics division. These individuals are often the face of Quincy Recycle on the road. Our truck drivers interact with our recycling partners frequently and need to have the ability to deliver a great customer experience with timely and reliable deliveries.

We have a ton of opportunities – from management to direct labor – and we are always growing, so make sure to check out our Careers page for more information!

About Quincy Recycle

Founded in 1974, Quincy Recycle solves waste stream problems for manufacturers and commercial business with its large nationwide network and creative solutions-based culture. With the goal of efficiently diverting waste from landfills and minimizing client costs, Quincy’s primary business is providing paper, plastic, and food waste recycling services. The Midwestern based company is also a major supplier and buyer of Gaylord boxes and commercial recycling equipment. Check out our About Us page for more information on our company background.