Skittles & Animal Feed – More to the Story

Screen shot of text found on the EPA website's section about sustainable management of food as animal feed.

From our Quincy Farm Products subsidiary: A recent “off-beat” story hit the news: hundreds of thousands of Skittles candies were found covering a Wisconsin highway, which were destined for farms as a feed supplement for cattle. The story was often covered either as humor or as alarmist concern over candies being used in cattle feed.…

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Competition and Collaboration

Large piles of green, yellow, and white plastic materials.

Competition is good. Sometimes, though, collaboration is better. If you’re in the recycling industry, you’ve no doubt worked with other recyclers. It’s fairly common given shared vendors and specialization in materials. This process usually begins with a problem – a recycler has a manufacturer or other vendor with materials they’re having difficulty handling. That’s when…

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Tight Market For Plastic Recyclers

Two men in safety vests look on towards stacks of recycled material inside a recycling facility.

Plastic recyclers like Quincy Recycle face a tough plastics market. For the past year we’ve seen a significant drop in the price of recycled plastic. Why? The price of oil has dropped by half over the past year The global economic slowdown is lowering export demand Load contamination is driving down the price we get on…

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Efficient and Scalable B2B Recycling in New Haven, IN

B2B Recycling in Fort Wayne Indiana region.

Quincy Recycle’s New Haven, Indiana plant is located just miles outside of the expanding Fort Wayne metro area. From here, we service manufacturers throughout the nation, with a focus on those within a 200 mile radius of greater Fort Wayne. Michael Malloy — general manager of the New Haven facility – leads a motivated team…

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Think Waste

Exterior historical view of a Ford manufacturing facility.

Henry Ford hated waste. Whether it was wasted time, energy, activity, or materials, Ford wanted to eliminate waste from his organization. He also expected his employees to be on the lookout for waste in all its forms. Wherever there was excess material wasted, Ford wanted to identify it, and either eliminate the waste or find…

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Q2 Tons Recycled

Large bales of recycled material inside a Quincy Recycle facility.

Quincy Recycle’s five B2B recycling facilities shipped over 70,000 tons of paper to mills and plants in the second quarter of 2015, and over 20 million pounds of plastic to be reused by manufacturers in new products. There are three significant benefits in this: most of the paper and plastic came from manufacturers’ scrap – material that they…

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Measure, Maximize, Mobilize

iMpact On-Site Audit

Our National Accounts team makes a valuable contribution to our multi-location, multi-commodity clients by providing them with customized site-specific solutions to enterprise-wide sustainability initiatives, centralized billing and reporting, and a range of other tools, including our iMpact Program. Quincy Recycle’s iMpact Program begins by listening to and understanding our client’s recycling and sustainability goals. Keeping…

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Seeing the Forest AND the Trees

Ground up view of tall trees with green foliage.

Are you responsible for recycling and sustainability at a multi-location, multi-commodity manufacturer? Then you’re aware that finding a recycling partner that can scale up to your needs can be a challenge. Quincy Recycle has a dedicated National Accounts team to work with vendors with multiple locations to address those challenges. How do we do that?…

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The Overflowing Warehouse Problem

Interior of a recycling warehouse with two stories of packaged and stacked material.

It started with a simple request: “I need help.” A large plant in the St. Louis metro area had a concern. The printed paper used in the production of the company’s signature products comes into the plant on heavy rolls of various sizes… and their warehouse was overflowing with them. What the company discovered was that…

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Your Gaylord Box Source

Large stacks of broken down cardboard boxes.

Quincy Recycle buys and sells Gaylord boxes throughout the United States. Our six recycling facilities and our network of partners and vendors generate huge quantities of Gaylords, which means we have a wide variety of Gaylords on hand. When you contact us, our Gaylord specialists will listen to you, and find the right mix to…

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